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  1. I have been a journalist for 20 years in the Trade Union movement. over the last 5 years I have devoted a fair portion of my time to the infamous “jungles” Jackson and her corrupt cronies.I would like you to consider me contributing to your team.

  2. Thankyou to all of you, I think some integrity just returned to reporting politics in this country.

  3. Can anyone join or are some people pre-banned…?

  4. Your invitation has been emailed. 🙂

  5. So what am I actually seeing here, Migs? 😕
    What’s “new”?

  6. You’ll have to wait and see, TB.

  7. Chuckle …

  8. Wh-a-a-a-t?

  9. So Miglo, how do I reference you? Can you email me a full name – am adding a quote from your article on never being black enough in my thesis.

  10. Migs,
    Am I allowed to put my posts up on my blog, ‘The PUB'(in case you were wondering-a new venture with Bushfire Bill, Joe6Pack and Fiona Reynolds from Webdiary, & moi), and also send them to you to spread around on your network?
    You can reply to my e-mail, or here. 🙂

  11. I found your site by accident. Someone might have told me. Help yourself to my resources on Action Front for Truth in News Media | My blog

  12. This sounds great. But please, please don’t let this site become overtaken by any notorious abusive trolls, obsessively lobbying for their particular cause in every single article comments, like has happened elsewhere.

  13. Hi Miglo, thank you for the invite to participate as a writer on this site, but I’ve decided to stick to my own blog instead. I’m disappointed that this site is degenerating into a general bitchfest about Tony Abbott and is not really attempting to look at Australian politics in an independent fashion.

    Could you please remove my name from the list of authors. Thanks.

  14. Hi Drag0nista.

    You have been removed, disappointingly. I was hoping that someone such as yourself could provide alternative commentary.

  15. Dragonista has a valid comment. ” general bitchfest about Tony Abbott” applies equally to Cafe Whispers, if not more so. The majority of posts there are in that genre and if this site takes the same bent you should remove the words independent and Australian….Miglo?

  16. Independent? More leftist crap. What don’t you lot go away – forever

  17. Dragonista and Treeman were prophetic it seems.

  18. Migs, can you please remove me from “the team?”


  19. Looking over the last few posts here, I have to say there is nothing independent about his site at all, just more of the same found at cafe, even the same nomes de plume and the low level ad homs…

    From An Open letter to Tony…closed comments:

    February 10, 2013

    “why dont you do your homework a Labor supporter i suppose you would not know the truth if it hit you in the face. I believe Policies will be revealed in due course and not when you rednecks want them to be so you can steal them. i cannot wait for the truth to come out about all the scandals involved with this government”

    Daphne sums it up succinctly and here as well:

    “you think i am not being respectful go back and have a look at the remarks and there was a remark made about spelling and english catching up i dont care if you respect my opinions or not. i am not judging but stating the truth and its alright for you labor supporters to defile so if my remarks are not printed what does that say you dont have to respond”

  20. Its a good layout …

  21. Bonjour Miglo,
    Have questions re contributions here.
    Can you email me please?
    Alan in France

  22. Hi Alan. I have emailed.

  23. Miglo – love all your work and that of your team. I have posted on my own blog about what is wrong with the MSM – leaving aside some questions of political bias. At the risk of blowing my own horn:

  24. Can you do an article on 3rd party candidates please?

  25. You can use this if you dare. –

    4Corners – more lies. Like North Korea the only plan is regime change – like Iraq the only goal. WMD was just a cover story. Like Libya and Syria and Iran. You try to wrap the lies of empire in all sorts of spin. You don’t dare tell the truth. How about a real story – hey how about something on the so called and not so ‘depleted’ uranium warheads that have been used in their thousands spreading radiation by the thousands of tonnes over populated areas killing people and future generations. Or the arming of terrorist gangs(Reagan like with Contras) to take down legitimate countries trying to look after their own people but who won’t bow down to multinational control. Like your story Monday* on North Korea. Simple irrelevancies without a shred of meaning or intelligence. Eggspurts . Get real. If you’ve got nothing intelligent to say wouldn’t it be better to say nothing rather than leading people down another rabbit hole and misleading them into another possible war. Populous nonsense and fairytales. The divide in Korea was created by two US backroom operatives at the end of WW2 and they don’t want – won’t allow any semblance of normalcy. BTW it wasn’t only the ‘flaky Rodman’ who recently visited North Korea but also American Blue Bloods Google’s Eric Schmidt and former Ambassador Bill Richardson and others doing what the US government didn’t want – opening up possibilities in North Korea. Aussie academic Peter Hayes – at length – would be a far better commentator than anyone I have heard on ABC radio But I guess he doesn’t suit the prevailing needs of fear and loathing promoted in our media.

    *ABC 720 Perth

    (I wrote this after watching 4Corners last night – given todays events it kinda puts things in perspective)

  26. Thanks Mark, I missed 4 Corners, now I know I must watch on podcast. I thought 4 Corners was one of the last bastion of principle and good faith.

  27. I should apologise to the team – as this is really the wrong place to post this material. But for more on this line of thinking I would recommend a couple of youtubes by Sibel Edmonds – a former FBI translator – who split from her job after 9/11 – and was sanctioned by the courts – and who has an inside understanding of what was happening at that time and since. She makes a very good argument for joint US/al-Qaeda operations in places like Libya, Syria, Chechnya, West China and other places putting into context the story behind the story of what is happening today and what to expect in the future. Of course you won’t read about it in the MSM but it backs up the sort of work I have been doing for quite some time. If you’ve been watching the ‘alleged Boston Bombing’ which I think is another false flag – she adds some details there in her other writing. All this is more than most people can comprehend but that is the nature of the modern world great power chess game. Its never quite what it seems.

    Think what you want but its better viewing than what you will find in Commercial or State TV.

    As for the ABC (and SBS) while programing can sometimes offer a slight and rare glimpse into the world it is essentially a Government run propaganda outfit as best exemplified in its news broadcasts.

    For more from Sibel Edmonds

  28. How can I just make a comment or send an observation to you in support.
    It seems unless I’m a professional journalist then my support doesn’t seem to be counted.
    There must be thousands of us that wish to show our support, but it seems we are locked out from the site

  29. Apologies I just found out how.
    I’m just disgusted about Tony Jones behaviour re the interview with Bill Gates tonight.
    He’s just a joke as a journalist, did he have to plug the LNP re Tony Abbott under instruction or was that his personal bias showing?.
    Not one reference to meetings with our PM today, no just a plug for Tony Abbott
    ABC independent? NOT ANY MORE!

  30. It makes me want to scream, a guy we know who used to be considered a friend is so rusted on as an LNP voter that no amount of reasoning with him will make any difference to his opinion.
    To try to explain that the LNP is not and has not been for some time the “Liberal” party he likes to vote for is now a set of neo-cons, he just can’t understand.
    He agreed with Campell Newmans proposal that discent against his government should be censored and made illegal.
    When pointed out to him that maybe the LNP in Queensland should make their political flag the swastika, the friendship ended.
    How, how, how does anyone try to engage and communicate with someone who has a mindset as this, when LNP policy is clearly detrimental to his retired lifestyle, he just can’t see it and will still vote for LNP at state and federal level.
    Do we have a hope of changing this apathy within our society, maybe, but it’s going to take very hard work on our part if we want to see a vital progressive and educated society in Australia.
    My philosophy is keep talking, loose one, win perhaps one or bonus two over to reason then maybe our country has a future.

  31. How the F**k does anyone get in contact with you all.Its like a brick wall.

  32. I’d like to submit an article on results of the 7 Sept election. How do I do so? Casey Peters

  33. Just one opinion – like the new layout Michael, especially the timestamps on each comment.

    Do not like the new “ratings” option -I feel it detracts from rather than enhances a serious blog…

  34. I too am outraged but I still haven’t gotten over what happened to Eastman and for the past 20 years I have been trying to do something about the corruption… Getting people on board has been tough but I believe together, we can bring integrity and justice back. The situation facing Slipper and Eastman are identical in that there is major doubt over due process and corruption within government agencies. How much longer will we write about the injustices without acting. We are all saying it is wrong, yet it continues to happen every day. Time to call in the troupes and demand change by forming once voice and that is the one of ‘INTEGRITY’.

  35. Could Michael Taylor contact me as a matter of urgency.

  36. We need an entrenched ICAC with transparency at National and State levels.

  37. I’m willing to write for your team. Contact me via e-mail: mbbtraven5@gmail.

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