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16 replies

  1. your totally NOT independent…

  2. But still smart enough to be able to spell you’re 😆

  3. smart perhaps, partial … nope

  4. Actually, I am quite “partial” to:
    » A nice glass of red wine
    » A properly cooked piece of Wagyu beef
    » A pretty girl

    I’m not “partial” to:
    ¶ Dummies on the Internet who don’t understand the meaning of the word “independent”
    ¶ Dummies on the Internet who don’t know the difference between your & you’re

    Free from outside control; not depending on another’s authority.

    Like this and most other blogs; Unlike the blogs of the likes of Bolt, Akerman and Blair, who are beholden to their employers and their political masters & puppeteers.

    Having a particular liking or fondness for something or someone
    Favoring one person or side over another or others; biased or prejudiced

    So you’re saying this blog is not partial? Not favoring one person or side over another or others; Not biased or prejudiced? You could then say this blog is impartial, in your opinion.

    Thanks for that 😉

    Just for you:

  5. Really grateful for your advice and apologies for not mastering the queen’s language better (or is that a mistake too – to reference the queen)…. one small fact you didn’t know is that English is only my fourth language and indeed, if I don’t’ pay attention, french spelling of words creep in, and german challenges with your and you’re do play. Apologies.

    But that’s not what I meant to discuss with your goodself. I was more interested in the continuous portrayal of Tony Abbott in a negative way – when he’s done way more good than Ms Gillard has (does she go and help Aborigines in the North? does she swim, run and bike for charity (his biggest charity contributions are helping women in need nonetheless), firefight for longer than most people are politicians)…. and that’s them two compared on a personal, character level.

    If you want to talk about the various party politics, we can go there too if you want. Because that’s where labor is really losing it with me (a green voter by the way).

  6. This isn’t really the forum to be discussing such things Dirk. If you’re looking for an argument, you could do worse than these blogs:

    § Café Whispers
    § The Daily Trash
    § The Political Sword

  7. Agree… thanks
    Over and out

  8. AIMN should note –

    ”treeParrot man , stop posting utter Fucking bollocks about the nbn and 4g wireless. Not only are you way out of your depth, any fucking idiot that says that any wireless technology gets even remotely close to the actual though packet speed is a bullshiting moron. So your oposed to the NDIS because liberals are not blessed with such compassionate vision, your an asshole, sick of your lying bullshit.”

    Disclaimer includes –

    The owner, the administrators or authors of this blog reserve the right to edit or delete any comments submitted to this blog without notice due to:

    2. Comments including profanity

    3. Comments containing language or concepts that could be deemed offensive

    4. Comments that attack a person individually


    If this site proposes to maintain reasonable standards of dialogue between individuals who may have differing political orientations, admin will need to take care in allowing the types of comments above.

  9. ToM, it reads “reserve the right”.

    But having said that, I agree that people should refrain from personal insults and I would ask that contributors show this respect.

  10. Just so that you know what I think…

    This is a site that has some thoughtful writers, and its objectives are laudable.

    But selective bannings and tolerance of the behaviour of the insults thrown by some of the ALP barrackers is making it into just another echo chamber.

    It’s your site Miglo, and I’ve said repeatedly that (on the basis of its objectives) it deserves success), but it needs some consistent standards of moderation and some proper explanation about why some are banned.

  11. I don’t have to justify to you why el gordo is blocked from commenting on this site. However, I did provide a reason a couple of nights ago. I’m aware that you read it.

  12. This is one of the least independent sites I’ve looked at. It is also ideologically ill-informed.

  13. Have a read of the above comment posted Feb 9 if you don’t know what independent means.

    OMG there are a number of people here today willing to make idiots of themselves.

  14. This is not an independent website, it is left leaning.

  15. You did say in this websites first ‘article’ (http://theaimn.com/2013/01/02/welcome-to-the-australian-independent-media-network/)

    “Over the coming days and weeks you’ll see this site take shape and the network develop, followed by what we endeavour to be quality, unbiased, balanced, independent journalism.”

    Key words: “unbiased, balanced”, this doesn’t reflect what the website has become. Makes you wonder if the only difference between this website and “main stream media” is the fact this isn’t mainstream, because it’s apparent the ‘writers’ have a very clear opinion that’s more one sided that the general media.

  16. letfist wankers….. that’s all you guys are … at least have the balls to state that in your charter of intent… you’re nearly as bad as the ABC ….

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