Social Justice

The World is Not Hostile

A guest post by Matthew Mitchell. Hobbes’ declaration that life is “Nasty, brutish and short” is often quoted today  (although , completely out of context, it was not unconditionally so) and modern economists may decry the “scarcity of resources”, but… Read More ›


Not only are many Australians ungrateful for the privileges and the way of life this country provides us, writes Daemon Singer in this guest post, but they also wish to deny others from enjoying the rewards of our country too…. Read More ›

Let’s fix this mess

In 2012–13 a total of 50 444 people lodged applications for asylum under the offshore component of the Humanitarian Programme.  The Labor government increased the intake to 20,000 and granted a total of 20 019 visas, of which 12 515… Read More ›