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At No Place for Sheep we'll lambaste anyone! We have no favourites!

No Place for Sheep is an eclectic blog that covers politics, society, media, satire, fiction and fun stuff. I share it with friends who are informed on a wide range of topics, so there's an interesting collection of views and writing.

I've had two careers, as an academic and scholar, and as a psychotherapist. I have a PhD, and now work at a little of both my careers.

I read crime fiction for fun, literary fiction, and critical theory when I need to work my brain hard. I'm hardly ever without music, from Leonard Cohen to rock to country to classical, and much of everything in between.

In my spare time I write fiction, some of which you'll find on the blog.

I live on the edge of a world heritage listed rainforest with quiet beaches, and enjoy kayaking, swimming and bush walking.

When I get cabin fever and can afford it, I head for other countries, often the USA. If I could, I'd travel much of the time. A nomadic life has always been my dream.