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  1. Great resource, could you include the published date and the authors name against each article on the front page?

  2. Hi Zac. I’m not sure if the template we use allows that facility but I’ll look into it. Good suggestion, btw.

  3. How are things going?

  4. Could someone touch base with me via email.

  5. Email has been sent, John.

  6. This website appears to be a fantastic alternative to most of the media that is available elsewhere in Australia. I hope it continues in this vein well into our future.

  7. Thanks Ken. That’s our aim.

  8. Would be nice to share individual pieces on Facebook rather than just the site? Im only new so am maybe missing something?Thanks

  9. Rachel, you can click on the Facebook logo at the bottom of each article and it will post it to your Facebook Wall. Or you copy the URL of the article you like and paste it into a Facebook page or group.

  10. Thank you very much for the ‘follow’.
    My son often talks about how easy it is to seek out quality political comment on the US political scene but how hard it is to find quality coverage here. In recent times I must admit to being a bit angry with Aus politics and more than a little annoyed with media coverage but I find myself reading your blog……… curious. I am unashamedly left wing (in the old sense of the word) but I do try and read all points of view………… but then I feel like punching something so I stop, but after a good lie down I’m ok again and the search continues. Thank you for taking the time to put this blog together……… it is appreciated. Terry. (I have recommended your blog to my son……you never know)

  11. Dear Sir/Madam

    The National Library of Australia is interested in contacting a person who are able to authorize us a copyright of this website with regard to its possible inclusion within PANDORA: Australia’s Web Archive. We were unable to locate any contact details onsite and are requesting that if you are interested in your website being archived that you contact us at: jkim@nla.gov.au and we will send you an official permission request form.

    You can see more details on the Archive at the link below. http://pandora.nla.gov.au/about.html


    PANDORA team

  12. Can you supply an rss feed? Please!

  13. The Pauline Hanson post removed due to huge error on my behalf. My apologies. Lesson learnt.

  14. Any chance of my comments being released?

  15. Yes, the post has been reinstated with the erroneous video removed.

  16. I mean the comments that have disappeared on this thread –

    Normally I wouldn’t be concerned, but the comments are so thoughtful and intelligent, it would be a pity to deprive others of them.

  17. I can’t help there, ToM. If comments were removed it would have been done so by the author. If the author removes any comments, I can only support this decision.

  18. Oh, I think you might have been referring to the comments caught up in Spam, which have now been released.

  19. This is what I tried to post, and I don’t believe John would have deleted it!
    John, I have no expectation at all that you would have researched my opinions. However quite recently I have stated them on threads where you have participated.
    “economics for example”

    • Howard was off loaded even though the economy was regarded as being strong.
    • Gillard and Swan promised a surplus on numerous occasions. They are either incompetent or dishonest in now failing to deliver their commitment.
    • Rudd was knifed over the MRRT (1 or the 3 reasons according to Gillard). It ahs delivered about 10% of the revenue forecast.
    • The stimulus was predicated on unemployment reaching 10.5%, ameliorating this to 8.5%. It got nowhere near this. But the government left the stimulus in place, building more debt than was required – according to their own forecast
    • The stimulus remained in place (ie to increase economic activity) at the very time that the Reserve bank was increasing interest rates (to take the edge off economic activity). That is we had fiscal and monetary policy pushing the economy in opposite direction. This is inefficient.

    A strong economy didn’t save Howard, because he was legitimately perceived as dishonest.
    …and I’ll try again, with an update re ceiling insulation.

    Anyone who has even a limited level of familiarity with OHS knows that there are several factors that result in poor safety (and poor quality)

    The typical factors are-
    • A rush of new entrants into a occupation or industry
    • A high level of subcontracting
    • The whiff of a quick buck courtesy of the government

    Each of these factors was evident in the HIP, and the government should have been capable of identifying the risks. I’m not saying that the government is specifically culpable for each of the fatalities.

    But the government deliberately stimulated an industry knowing that this would attract a high number of inexperienced people, as well as many subcontractors without adequate training or safety systems.

    The government can accept a share of the opprobrium as a consequence.

  20. Isn’t the regulation of building trades the responsibility of state governments? How have they all escaped the criticism heaped on the federal government by the shock jocks?

    If a bank funds my building renovations and an incompetent contractor’s actions result in harm to anyone or thing, does the bank bear ANY blame?

  21. I must say how much nicer this site has become since the snipers have been removed.

  22. Nice, not having to go on the defence all the time.

  23. Given the way the main stream media behaves, I suggest we all be more demanding in our paid support of it. We thought we were rusted on newspaper readers, but when we grew tired the amount of paper we were throwing out most of it unread, we kicked the habit, sought out more diverse voices and haven’t looked back.

  24. Oops. The last post has been put back into the draft mode until we fix the glitch up.

  25. Thank you for your site, I have given up on the mainstream media it is infuriating I can’t stand it and have been wanting some balance and insights.

  26. Hi Michael,
    Have just had an email sent to you yesterday bounce back.
    So have just resent it a few minutes ago.
    Has it arrived?
    Reply by email when you have a moment. Thanks.
    Alan A

  27. Hi again Michael,
    Looks like you can email me, but I can’t email you.
    Do you have another email address we can try?

  28. Hi Michael,
    Just about to call it a day here.
    David Donovan has had some success with the piece re Abbott and the polls.
    We are happy for you to use it also. (David got it first, however, now he is able to pay.)
    Are you able to just lift it from his site and acknowledge independentaustralia? Not sure how this works, Michael.
    Or can email you the text if we resolve the problem there.
    Hope you can run it, Michael – at AIMN or the cafe, as you prefer. The conversations at your sites are excellent!

  29. I have just read your article on the LNP’s NBN plan. This is the first article that I have read from The Australian Independent Media Network. I, generally, agree with the thrust of the article.

    I like (very much) the concept of an Independent Media Network and will share your info and articles with my friends. Our King-Maker Media Barons are certainly annoying me with their biased rubbish. As a swinging voter, however, I am not looking for a Labor biased Media to counter the LNP biased Media and will be reviewing your future articles with interest and looking for balance rather than counter-balance.

    As I read your article on the NBN plan, I must say that I was disappointed with the lack of a professional editing standard. The mistakes are many. I understand that this happens when writing large articles (and there may even be some errors in this comment) but I also expect that a process will be in place to find and correct those errors before the article is sent to the reader. I mean this as feedback and hope that it is not taken as a negative.

    Thank you for providing this service. I realise that it is no small endeavour and that there are many hours of dedication in breathing life into a project of this scale.

    Wishing you every success.

    Wayne Jarman

  30. Numerous websites have posts rightfully complaining that mainstream media is avoiding the small issue of Abbott’s soon to happen court appearance. Considering the persistent and pervasive media attention afforded the Peter Slipper incident, the Thompson incident and the 25 year old when a young lawyer PM incident these complaints seem reasonable. Rather than an article following Tony Abbotts current incident how about some real investigative journalism analysing media and their differing responses to these incidents.

  31. Kim, maybe you should think about starting it off.

  32. here is a thought.
    Strange days indeed. The winner of the Iranian election Mr Rouhani was not so long ago seen as a bad guy and his backers as extremists but now we are being told he is the good guy reformist.

    At least in Iran – not matter how guided – the people gets to popularly elect their President. All we do is vote for a local member and the PM can be changed at any time. I’m coming round to the view that if and when we have an Australian Head of State – a President – perhaps – that they should be popularly elected – hopefully with minimalist powers.

  33. This might interest you, …

    How And Why The (Mudoch’s) Tabloids Encourage Child Sex Abuse


  34. Hey there,

    I may be missing something, but is there a way that I can offer a piece to be considered for publication?

    Thanks in advance.


  35. Can you remind me how to donate to AIMN, i can’t find the donate button, cheers.

  36. Hi Kaite. We don’t have a facility for donations but it’s something I’ve been considering. It’d be good to be able to pay someone to be an admin as well as pay the authors. The ads are hopeless as far as revenue is concerned.

  37. This isn’t independent or alternative – it is just an anti conservative blog. Get it together. There is nothing impartial on this blog, and nothing that shows both sides.

  38. “This isn’t independent or alternative – it is just an anti conservative blog. Get it together. There is nothing impartial on this blog, and nothing that shows both sides.”

    BUT IT’s TRUE!!!!!!!

  39. To the contrary, if anybody from the right would like to write an article for us we’d be more than pleased to publish it.

  40. If conservative = shallow, dishonest, self-serving shit then any intelligent person WOULD want to go anti-conservative.

  41. G’day all,

    Are there any rules on who can submit an article, and what is the appropriate way to do so ? I have written a short piece (637 words) on personal observations since the election, and would be interested in readers thoughts. I have commented on articles before under the name ‘Mark my words’, but thought as these have posted almost immediately, it was probably not the right way to submit a longer piece.

    Perhaps someone could contact me via email to discuss

    Mark my words

  42. Hi there! – Just FYI, you’ve been added to my BlogRoll (‘Top Shelf Blogs’ list).

  43. Thank you it is so refreshing to read your website. We need more voices like yours that will shut up the Murdoch’s megaphones

  44. I like the website, but do you think you should actually accuse other media of being ‘unbalanced’? Not too much balance here either, is there? This actually isn’t too much different from townhall.com

  45. Michael Taylor, Thank You for allowing us to tell it as we see it. Each side of Politics has their story to tell. The trouble is the Large Corps. have all the say, it is nice and more to the point to have balance toward us left leaning group of progressives. Thanks again. Can we donate in any way ?

  46. I see the Liberal Trolls have taken over the Guardian site with their pathetic Rants. Could not all of those on here just chip in $10:00 per Month to help the cause, Just the cost of 2 coffees per Month ? Let us keep the fight going. I am not associated with this Paper, I just wish to hear the truth. Keep up the good work.

  47. Alen, I donated visa the Donate button on the top right hand site of the page.

  48. I wanted to say that I have enjoyed a number of your articles and have come to appreciate the effort you’ve applied especially in the areas of Social Justice. As such I would like to name you in the Social Justice – Reaching Out Award sponsored by my blog Unload and Unwind. While I do try to keep to the light and humorous over the weekends the working week is devoted to a range of issues especially those that are Social Justice related as well as interesting pieces regarding Australia in general. If you are interested simply follow the link to this page and you can see how it works.


  49. Hi,
    I am a new Australian author. Is there a way of requesting that your book review team consider my e-book Aeron for review?
    Regards Peter

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