Behavioural Economics, Human Nature, Teenage Nature

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“This theory-induced blindness now strikes nearly everyone who receives a PhD in economics. The economics training the students receive provides enormous insights into the behaviour of Econs, but at the expense of losing common-sense intuition about human nature and social interactions. Graduates no longer realise that they live in a world populated by Humans.”

Misbehaving: The Making of Behavioural Economics Richard H. Thaler

“With a lack of jobs and a great deal of uncertainty about participating in contemporary society, however, the adolescent period may in many ways be even further prolonged. Because modern cultural practices do not offer transitional relationships with non-parental adults to help acknowledge and facilitate the adolescent period, we have some major challenges as adolescents in our modern times.”

Brainstorm  Daniel J. Seigel

It may seem strange to begin a conversation about education by talking about behavioural economics, but there are some very obvious parallels in…

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