Laptops and Exponential Change and “let’s just get back to basics”. Or “I can drive perfectly well by looking in the rear-view mirror!”

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The manager and leader differ in the way they use technology. The manager is primarily concerned with using technology to improve the current outcomes. The leader, on the other hand, is interested in proceeding to new destinations and in examining the role technology may play in reaching the destination.”

“Ideas for the new Millennium” by Peter Ellyard

Someone observed that it was strange how, in the Star Wars series, the weapons and gadgetry that were being used when Anekin was young, were more sophisticated that when he was older and had become Darth Vader. A rare case of technology becoming less advanced as time passes.

Apart from that anomaly, technology is going to change at incredible pace. And with it, the way we do things. What’s science fiction one minute, is possible the next – and mundane, thirty seconds after that. We all know this.

And of course, I’m with…

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