Don’t adjust your set

Old TVSometime in the next 24 hours The AIMN will be launching its new site.

We’ll be at the same (URL) address but we will look different. Very different. So if you don’t recognise us and think you might have stumbled into the wrong place – don’t worry – you’re in the right place. So don’t adjust your set (to borrow an old adage)!

For the first couple of days the new site will be a ‘work in progress’ while new features are tweaked and the appearance is fine-tuned, so bear with us during this process. You’ll still receive the same great content; that’s one thing that won’t be changing.

The need for change is a direct result of the incredible growth we’ve experienced here at The AIMN. From a humble blog twelve months ago we’ve grown into a medium that now attracts more than a half a million visits a month. With this in mind, we thought it appropriate to have a site developed which would adequately showcase the outstanding contributions from our authors and the brilliant commentary and debate from hundreds of our readers.

Tomorrow afternoon we will begin ‘migrating’ all the content from The AIMN to the new site. Some internet service providers are slower than others when it comes to refreshing their servers. What this means, in simple terms, is that some people – depending on who their ISP is – may not see the new site immediately. In some cases (especially with Bigpond, so I’m told), it could take up to 48 hours.

If by Wednesday you are not seeing the new site it may not be a good idea not to post a comment because it may be lost during the migration. Hopefully this won’t happen, but there’s always the possibility depending on your ISP. ย Keep refreshing your browser ย and the new site should appear in a short time.

Some of you may remember last year we made an attempt to set up a new site but thanks to yours truly it ended up a real mess. I tried my hand at web design and used an American company as a web host. Lesson learned. This time everything is being done by an Australian company, which is fitting: The Australian Independent Media Network . . . Could it really use anybody else other than an Australian provider?

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  1. Trust You on this one Mike, Australians can do it better, and Thanks.

  2. Ok then,I’m ready.Good luck all.

  3. Looking forward to it…. hope it all goes well. Your site and IA are the bastions of true democracy in what is now a degraded ultra-conservative media landscape in this country.

  4. Fantastic news Michael; You lot are a light in the dark and many thanks. Looking forward to the upgrade.

  5. I’m scared. I hate change. I feel a barrage of emails coming on as I go through another learning exercise.

  6. <

    "weโ€™ve grown into a medium that now attracts more than a half a million visits a month."

    499,999 +

    "scaper" is just a blue fly, not a real person.

  7. Kaye Lee, I’m here to guide you.

  8. <

    @Kaye Lee

    You have nothing to fear but ………….. Abbott, Morrison, Pyne, Bishopx2.

    O ! I see what you mean.

  9. We’re entering “The Twilight Zone”? Oh wait, we’re already there. These are the Outer Limits…

  10. “…. grown . . more than half a million” . What does that tell you ? Tells me that there are SO many fabulous people out there in Oz land that care about the mess this government is making of our wonderful country and who will be there at the next election to give them their marching orders.

  11. Huge round of applause Michael Taylor.

  12. The Trees, I’ll second that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Yer good on Ya Micheal and all the team at The AIMN. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And Kaye Lee a special one for you.

  14. Tips from a IT Tech:

    1. Clear your cookies and temporary files
    2. Flush your DNS: Open “Run” (Type it into the start menu or Start Screen) and type in “ipconfig /flushdns”
    3. Restart your router

    This should get people’s DNS pointers flushed out and up to date


  15. Congratulations to all at AIMN,
    Kaye I am sure everything will go smoothly
    How you articulate, research, reference,
    And then how you spread that information, is your gift in this life

    Yes we have other jobs, children, jobs to earn money, housework, walk the dog,
    Get washing off line, the list goes on, but I will stop, or it might become a rant lol
    But we are also all born with a gift, that will in some way help humanity,
    and yours is doing what you do on AIMN,
    The more we use our gift, the stronger it grows, the further it spreads
    Giving hope to those that have no hope left,
    faith that you can fight on even if it looks grim,
    And knowing we can come to a safe place,
    and leave all the negativity and lies behind, that this fed gov has perpetrated
    for many years now, we can only take a certain amount of negativity as humans
    We then start looking and gravitating to a safe positive place,
    and for many people and growing by the month, that is here at AIMN,

    Be proud of yourself Kaye,
    and the rest of good people who keep this wonderful site going ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. <

    Don't adjust you pc.

    This is America getting to know Australia's biggest moron :

  17. Lol OMG I am to scared to look at it John921
    Another one of those embarrassing PM moments, that we are so used to now,
    It’s like that old Uncle you hoped did not turn up to the wedding,
    as he might get hold of mic, and make the biggest dick out of himself, in front of all you guests
    just like Tones does every time a mic gets near its gob ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Cory just said that the ABC should be shafted, my words, as it is now the biggest media institution in the country, Yes, according to him, they are gutting the rest,

    They should be pulled down, as they are too successful. QandA

  19. Yes, Michael, we are growing. Keep up the good work. Thanks to the many talented authors that give their time and energy

  20. Cory Bernadi has said he is not a member of the government. That he is a back bencher. A point of view, I have never heard before,

  21. I’m from the left…we embrace change, we like a bit of revolution, we enjoy new experiences, we are outward looking. Love your work AIMN!

  22. Thank you to many good people on this site/forum,you have taught me allot.
    Looking forward to next step.Cheers Michael. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. I am so grateful the The Aimn, as an expat soon to be exiled completely when Australia Network is just a fuzzy blurr on my screen and by the way I PAY TO WATCH AUSTRALIA NETWORK F##K**#ER^^@#*&^ING BASTARDS, YOU GUYS HERE ARE A GODSEND FOR ME! Congratulations for your well deserved success.

    Keep hitting nails on heads! BLOCK THE LOT!

  24. Caught the last 10mins.of Q&A,just so happy I didn’t waste my time watching the first 50mins.of the farce.
    Now I remember why I stopped watching.Might wait for Chika. or Wilson or Rieth’s return.No not really,pretty pisspoor joke.

  25. Yes I too didn’t see all of Q&A, but what I saw was enough
    to ring up and put a complaint in about that Rowan bloke
    I was rather disturbed the way that man/animal,
    that needs hair cut was almost manhandling Ms King sitting beside him
    to shut her up, he kept pushing her arm down, quite forcefully

    HE has no business and no reason to touch her person in this way
    If HE cannot control himself and has to resort to this type of physical abuse
    in a public forum,and broadcasted to millions of viewers
    He needs to be removed from the panel as a future quest
    he was loud mouthed and obnoxious, no one elses opinion was valid, only his crap and lies
    I was thinking this guy is on some sort of aggressive drug fueled train
    He was out of control, shouting others down, it was a disgrace to hear and watch

  26. love the aimn don’t get by my day without all you lovely people……and the not so lovely….which are few and do create good views……

  27. I look forward to your new “Look” Its like a ‘makeover’ isn’t it ? ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. New look? Courageous in the extreme. Remember IBM and Queensland Health?

    My experience with ‘technological promises’ is the promise sounds so good but cause endless heartburn.

    See you in the new year. LOL.

  29. Good luck this time and SOME Aussies do it better

  30. Could we have the heading condensed into a simple logo, ‘AIMN’.

    The current heading is a bit of a mouthful, and hence not readily recognizable.

    AIMN bumper stickers and T-shirts would be good as well.

  31. Hi all, thanks for the positive feedback. It is greatly appreciated.

    CMMC, we’ve changed it the ‘The AIM Network’ on the new site. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Bumper stickers and T-shirts are a great idea, but they cost money. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  32. <

    A bit of colour wouldn't go astray.

    Perhaps all the black is what gives the likes of "scaper" et al the impression he has to be negative and angry all the time.

    Then again its more likely "scapers" mob are just angry because they have yet to work out that it is Murdoch and Abbotts subliminal ways that has gotten them to that point.

  33. Please, not Disqus.

  34. <

    Gregory T

    Open a Google account and use it instead of Disqus.

  35. John, thanks for the info, but I fail to see how providing the largest purveyor, of personal information in the world, with my details, furthers open and honest dialog. Now I realise that I might be deluding myself, but I believe in making the bastards at least work for it.
    Once again, thanks for the info.

  36. Looking forward to the upgrade, Michael.

    Enjoyed the wonderful comments from all of the above, thank you.

  37. Clear Browsing History > and tick the boxes Passwords & Autofill Data and then clean them.

    It will not clear your Favourites or any Data you have saved.

    You can rest assured the loopy ones posting here cover their tracks in much more technological ways.

    But thats another story.


  1. Donโ€™t adjust your set | OzHouse

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