An appeal to young Aussies

The Sniper

The Sniper*

Australia is in trouble. Young Australians will have to save it, if you decide it needs saving.

Australia was a democracy. It has slowly become a Corporatocracy: government by Big Business. You will have to change that, if you think it is a bad thing. I will not tell you what to think.

You could argue that Australia is still a democracy. Australians vote in free and fair elections to decide who will run things until the next election.

You could argue that Australia believes in the principle of a free Press (or news media generally). The British parliament, the model for ours, recognised the Press as the Fourth Estate, granting it the right to sit in the parliament and report on the affairs of government.

You could argue that nothing has changed and all is sweet in the land of Oz. You could look more closely, dig…

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  1. Australia is no different from most other Western countries but we probably have one of the best democracies that money can buy.

    Nothing much has changed for many years – it’s just becoming more blatantly obvious.

    If you have the feeling that globally we’ve taken a wrong turn and are heading down a dead-end street at 100mph, you’re not alone.

  2. Thanks, Barry … I thought I was the only one! It helps when others feel as deeply about these matters as you do!

  3. Great work mate,I’m sure the message will get through to many.

  4. Good article. Thanks Barry. Maybe you’ve started something . Judging from Q&A, it looks like young people are finally starting to wake up.


  1. An appeal to young Aussies | OzHouse

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