How we can defeat the Right (part 1)


This post is the first in a series on how we can stop the Right. It might seem an overwhelming challenge, but it can be done. First published on TurnLeft, reproduced with permission.

The first thing those who want to stop Tony Abbott and his boche must do is have faith in ourselves. Sure, we all have our moments of self-doubt, but I believe that those who oppose Abbott have the intelligence, compassion, creativity, strength, patience and talent to do this. We can do this.

Sí, se puede

Spanish for “Yes, it is possible” or, “Yes, it can be done”.

The phrase Sí, se puede was popularised by union leader and civil rights activist César Chávez and UFW’s co-founder Dolores Huerta, of United Farmworkers during the 1972 rallies.

Yes, we can

Before I took an interest in Australian politics (#auspol), I was an activist – until I realised that everything I was fighting for, human rights, animal rights, environmental rights, would be impossible under an Abbott government. Knowing that under an Abbott Liberal-National Government we all lose, even the rights to protest, I switched focus, to fighting against the Abbott Opposition, and now the Abbott Government.

My background in activism has shown me that there are a lot of things we can do, beyond talking to each other on social media about how bad things are and without the need to join a major party.

I see too many people on social media wanting to be saved, literally, they think someone will save them “the Guardian coming to Australia will save us”, “XXX blog will save us”, “XXX journalist will save us”, “a Robin Hood tax/person will save us”.

We can save ourselves.

If only people realised how powerful they are, WE are. It is not hopeless, it is not time to give up, we will not lay down and die.

Never surrender your power

Alice Walker said ‘The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.’

Do not let anyone tell you that the situation is hopeless, do not believe anyone who tells you that you are powerless. Anyone trying to convince you that you have no power is worried that you will know just how powerful you really are and start to use that power.

If you don’t think we need to Fight Back, you aren’t paying attention

If you were living in France during the World War Two occupation by Germany, under the Vichy government, what would you do? Would you keep your head down and wish and hope and pray and think, or would you realise our very futures are being destroyed before our eyes for the benefits of an elite few and join the Fight.

If you are fighting (not the Right-wing Black Ops style, I mean, happy shiny smiley people, glittery, polite fighting), then I’m your girl, I’m your foot-soldier, I will stand with anyone prepared to fight.

If you are not yet ready to fight for your future, our future, I can wait until you are.

We can do this.

We made a promise we swore we’d always remember
No retreat no surrender
Like soldiers in the winter’s night with a vow to defend
No retreat no surrender
– Bruce Springsteen


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45 replies

    I am sometimes unwell so cannot always contribute but I am willing to help in any way that I can.
    Since last week, I have constantly been blocked from posting material on Facebook which is critical of both the Queensland and Federal governments. (I can still see what my friends have had for dinner and fluffy animals but NO political material). This is disturbing as it demonstrates that activists are being targeted on social media. I have many friends who are experiencing similar problems. I am constantly having to delete cookies and to re-boot.
    The LNP does not want this message to get out. The recent success of the Greens in WA has demonstrated the power of activism in the social media realm. The LNP will do everything that they can to obstruct the free flow of information. Time and time again, this government has demonstrated its lack of transparency and its desire to “control the message” at all costs. These are draconian tactics which smack of nascent fascism.
    We have every right to fight and fight we should, now and hard.

  2. I’m ready to fight too.

  3. Louise Noble, am asking around about that being blocked thing (someone might have a work around), wouldnt surprise me, very disturbing

    MargL – woohoo

  4. Hopelessness, is feeling we have a lack of power to change things for the better,
    it wears folk down emotionally, all the negative rhetoric about budget emergencies, the country is going down the tube,that the Liberals have been propagating for years now was their plan,

    If we think someone will save us,we are wrong,
    according to Phony Tony and this fed gov
    We all need saving from our selves,we have had it to good for too long,
    So what the message now is, if you read between the lines,
    But now! we the Liberal party will save you and the country, blah blah blah
    It is hard, when you are fighting an enemy,that is the great pretender(Abbott)

    But I am, like you optimistic
    We WILL rid this country ASAP,
    of the megalomaniac politicians running the country
    and its people into the ground,
    All we need is a bit of faith and confidence in our selves ,
    which has and is, being slowly being knocked out of us
    by Phony & Co to keep control,
    its a form of mass emotional abuse of the people by tyrants

  5. We have to put our money and efforts to remove what will send back to the 50’s and worse. We have to stop making the excusses and get on with the job of change for a future that vibrant, resilient, healthy and sustainable.

    It is gathering our allies around us. Even within the conservative ranks there are those who realise that the current government has no idea how to address or overcome the challenges that are confronting us.

    As individuals we can feel disempowered and impotent. With many we can make change happen. This is a numbers game as it has always been. So we need strong leaders with a vision for the future.

    Personally, I believe we live in a time of immense opportunity but instead we told we are dire situation, yet there has not been any creative solutions to resolving our problems using with the same rhetoric and platitudes they have always done. Even the opposition not really addresses the problems and offer the same rhetoric and platitudes.


  6. We are in a position where one does not simply have to overthrow a government, one only has to offer a better one or more simply nothing. We have local, state and federal governments, its not belong us to have yet another government, but instead of being above or below, one that is entirely on its own that provides us a better and more just service to the people who look to it. With enough support the old order will simply lose legitimacy and rule will cease to exist. Better yet, governments are corruptible and are able to be used against the people they are suppose to look after, its better to do away with the idea of an government an follow anarchist principles of self governing by the people for the people though control of the means of production. Why live in a world where the top 1% controls the economy and the lives of millions, why shouldn’t the 99% not dictate their own future one that isn’t bleak and leading to our own destruction. I say forgot the idea of a progressive party being voted in as it will be only time before its members are taken by its lusts for power and corrupted and do away with the whole system root and all.

  7. Yes, no more politicians, no more elections, no more voting

    Anarchy for the win!

    oops no, that’s hierarchical

    Anarchy For The Participation!

  8. Personally I’m beyond the polite fight, I’m ready for some black ops style. We need them gone, NOW.

  9. For LG64 – I know people who equate research, education, community interaction, petitions and letter writing, organised phone ins, calling talk back radio and using satire and parody, letter boxing, dinner fundraisers as “becoming just like the Right” – when people tell me that every day activism, legal, harmless, non violent activism is “just like the Right” when they are crushing the poor, smashing the old, and waiting for the sick to die, Im speechless…. apparently telling the Right “oh, no, please stop, think of the children” works every time

  10. me 2

  11. The only way the defeat of the “right”, is when their is sufficient numbers of a critical turning point of consciousness achieved with a common goal, at the moment the students enrolled from the right wing universities, who often come from money are harvested for the think tanks for the Liberals to connive on how to crush the majority, they are offered high rewards and status to achieve and become the new oppressors.

  12. Start by joining a political party or an activist group. Not only does it achieve something, it is rewarding.

  13. Join the Labor party now perhaps.

  14. These disgusting conservatives will not budge with just a few chosen words and a few hand-holding sessions on parliament house lawn. They have no people skills at all.
    No. this will not end with a “Sorry, you where right, we got it wrong”
    No. These pricks need to be removed by fear. By force. By aggression.

  15. Count me in. The last six generations of my family didn’t bust their guts to give me a good life so I would carelessly throw it and my grandkids future away

  16. Cocked, locked, ready to rock.

  17. Count me in too. I would be proud to be a part of a group of people with the intelligence to think beyond the obvious. March in March demonstrated that a lot of people are badly served by this government. Hopefully all these groups can unite under a common banner and really get things moving even further and faster.

  18. Ex-DJs boss Mark McInnes introduces speech by Joe Hockey with blistering attack on Labor’s management of economy.

    Let’s start by boycotting this moron’s brands. Please spread on social media. These lickspittle types just need to learn.

  19. You will have to have a lot of kids to support you in old age as in the third world, prepare for you joining the third world now, do not for get to kill female gender as they are not able to support you as boys, this advise is for when the social system collapses for more money to go to the rich, and the only ones left standing will be the rich, the rest is fodder.

  20. For voters, the defining characteristic of Neo-con policies is their supreme unattractiveness to everybody bar the rich. So it is essential that the true intent of governments like Abbott’s is masked. Hence the critical importance of a language based on euphemisms, weasel words,obfuscation, spin, glib assurances and outright lying. “But politicians have always used them” you say. Well, yes and no. Perhaps it is more correct to say that, “politicians have had recourse to them”. But for hard right governments, coded language whose true meaning is best understood by other tribe members forms their very warp and woof. We lose count of how often Abbott himself has declared his intentions to be the exact opposite of what he actually does a day or two later. Under the circumstances, the language must be called for what it is, a means of deceit and obfuscation. For example, commonsense tells us we are all the poorer for losing to private interests a publicly-owned utility. So punters must be cajoled into believing that an act they know to be wrong is not only right, but is being done for their benefit. Indeed, “For the benefit of ALL Victorians” was a glib Jeff Kennett mantra, uttered with a knowing smirk as the rest of us waved goodbye to a host of publicly owned goodies which now operate for the benefit not of Victorians, but for fat-cats in the local tribe and overseas, such as Singapore, the home of SP Ausnet. Which now owns, of all bloody things, our power lines! Loudly and publicly penetrate the leaden curtain of spun language that accompanies scams like that and you give notice to those that expedite them that they are sprung bad. Be your own ICAC! Or, as Bill Maher says,

  21. Some of the comments here highlight exactly what is wrong with the left. I wonder if Graeme Wood would ever whinge about the rich and how everybody deserves more welfare? I doubt it. He should be a hero to the left and something to aspire to. SPAusnet is a publicly listed company in Australia so if people want it owned by Australians then go ahead and buy it. If you don’t like McInness then buy Premier Investment shares and give him the boot. Too many from the left sit back, take no risk and then whinge when things don’t go their way. There is no risk in protesting but real activism can be achieved by taking a bit of risk and taking control. Graeme Wood is a hero and we should all aspire to be like him. Getting rid of this us vs them attitude and taking control of your own destiny would be a good start. It would be for the benefit if ‘ALL’.

  22. Good point Stephen – the only way for the Left to win is to stop whining and become exactly like the Right, privatise everything, pay minimum wage, destroy the environment in the search for a quick buck, deny services to old people who have paid taxes all their lives… yeah, no, that doesn’t work. If you act like the Right, you don’t win, you just become the Right

  23. Way to miss a point Emily. It’s only whingers that wish to make it a right vs left argument. Everybody else just gets on with creating their own destiny. One point of yours I will pick at though is the point you made about denying services to old people who have paid tax their whole life. The highest level of services are paid to those who have paid the least through their life. That is fair given their end circumstances and nobody is advocating that to change. The neediest in society will always be looked after as they should be. It is the whingers who have the ability to create their own destiny through real action but choose to blog and join pointless marches that I have a problem with.

  24. My way of thinking is to contact the state senator of your preferred political party and request them to block all legislation that is of no benefit to the disadvantaged of our nation … Instead of cuts the LibNat-zi government should be increasing revenue by:
    Punishing the polluters who don’t stick to their quota;
    Retaining the mining tax so that Australia get’s real value from it’s mineral resources; &
    Not to sign up with the TPP proposed by the Elitists of this world who will exploit our way of trade thus lessening the value of our domestic product …
    The more pressure put on our Senate representatives to fight on the people’s behalf will send a clear message to the government to find an alternate to their so-called budget emergency …

  25. @Stephen. People do not always create their own destiny, or have the opportunities that people like you have had. Tony Abbott is trying yo build a country where the entitled stay that way and the rest get the scraps. I can guess that you went to a private school and never had to miss a meal through lack of money. I doubt you were unable to go to university because your parents couldn’t afford it. I doubt anyone in your family missed a decent academic education because your parents couldn’t afford the selective public school uniform. Sometimes the social and economic conditions we are raised in make those decisions for us and leave us without the basic tools to fight our way up. Damn the neo-cons and their warped sense of their own self-importance.

  26. Roseanne just because somebody has
    My outlook doesn’t mean I have had all of those things you have mentioned. I know what it is like to grow up looking down the barrel of bankruptcy and losing our house. I have seen my parents lose everything and work their bums off to get back to a position where they will retire reasonably comfortably. They had two choices: work bloody hard to make something of themselves and support their family or whinge and whine about everybody else’s success and feel sorry for themselves that things didn’t fall their way. Australia is still the land of opportunity but from reading your comment it appears to be the case that some would prefer to make excuses and spend their life wallowing in self pity. Good luck with that but you will never get anywhere with that attitude regardless of the social and economic conditions you are brought up in. I feel pity for the losers who share your views.

    I will add that there are those who do have no choice such as the disabled and mentally ill. I am not referring to those in my views but those who have choices but only choose to feel sorry for themselves and mooch off everybody else’s success.

  27. A case of me having it rough and come from parents that have the same condition and through my hard work I now can pontificate with the assumed idea that as I have made it, you are all whingers, great to hear a simple idea from a simple mind of simple equations, not every one who disagrees with your ideology are whinging the are intelligent enough to have different points of views than a self satisfied conservative bore.

  28. Stephen, don’t whinge. There’s a good lad.

  29. I won’t Royce. I realised it is a waste of time long ago. Donreford the point of making your own path in life is a very simple idea. Surely not that hard to understand? Then again as you correlate whinging to intelligence then it may be a bridge too far for you.

  30. The name is donwreford, as you pride yourself as a logical person, the last paragraph makes no sense to me and it is doubtful it makes sense to most and is possible making no sense to you, when you have a inflated sense of your own self importance, intelligence becomes a rarefied commodity, seeing your a fan of Abbott, this is hardly surprising. A follower of the lower order.

  31. Does it count as whinging if I complain about Tony Abbott giving up $7.4 billion dollars of carbon tax then asking people to pay $10 billion in deficit tax? How do I reconcile the rhetoric about the carbon tax meaning death for the economy when the economy is going to have to cough up way more? Is this so I will blame Labor for the terrible debt caused by the carbon tax that the Coalition think I am stupid enough to think they are now fixing by asking me for more money?

    I have no problem with paying more tax but these guys’ spending priorities are ridiculous. And I will exercise my right to free speech by pointing out how ridiculous they are. I am being asked to pay extra tax so Tony can spend $5.5 billion a year on PPL and $24 billion on fighter jets and you want me to say oh well…that’s what my taxes are for.

    You think I am whinging? You ain’t seen nothing yet. It’s going to be a long time for Tony Abbott until the next election and we will be watching every step of the way. I expect the budget will be a good chance to have another whinge and if you choose to have no say in the way your country is run then by all means get on with your entrepreneurial investing.

  32. Stephen, whether deliberately or not, you miss the point of commenting on AIMN. Your doing so appears to derive from that one characteristic so striking in folk of a conservative bent and which is all over their politics like ugly over an ape; a prickly intolerance of criticism, an inability to absorb opposing views. Your own variant has the world conveniently divided beteween Winners and Losers. It follows that anyone on AIMN holding views different to yours are in the latter category. And boy, isn’t that discovery served up with a whopping dose of condescension! (“I feel pity for the losers who share your views”). It also means that once that label is applied, the argument can simply be consigned to the bin labelled ‘Losers”. This stuff is not new. In fact it is the territory of our old friend, Self-Made Man With Robust Notions. We’ve all met them. I’ve been waylaid, alas, by three–count them–in the last two years. Out tumble the cliches, unbidden, as the buttonholed listener looks at his feet. “Grew up in (insert struggletown suburb)….life was hard …. I got on with it, not like (insert favourite scapegoat)…by the time I was 30….paid taxes all me life etc. etc. And every one, every mother’s son of them, has the same gimme-gimme, what’s-in-it-for-me, dog-eat-dog view of life. (“Yer know what aorta do with unions? Put em all in one boat, then” …and this from a working-class boy) So you’re not alone Stephen. Your Winners and Losers are theirs too. In fact, there’s an entire political party devoted to this repugnant philosophy, currently ‘pulling apart the fabric of Australia strand by strand’. The language of a whingeing lefty? No, the vivid description offered by the matriach of my wife’s family, all of them staunch blue-ribbon LNP voters since the year dot. A telling criticism. But it is after all, criticism. So she is clearly a Loser.

  33. Sunday Mail exclusive tomorrow.

    “How Abbott stopped the votes.”

    Apparently terrible poll figures showing he would lose an election.

    So continues the worst start of any new government.

  34. Royce this site is just an LNP hate fest and ALP love in. Let’s do away with the word independent. What everybody loses site of here is independent opinions. Everything is along party lines. Someone even had the audacity to say the other day that the asylum seeker issuer was caused by war and political factors instead of the ALP soft line approach. Now let’s call a spade a spade. The thing that people lose site of also is the irrelevance of the ALP. The Greens are the rising force from the left with even PUP set to roll ALP as a dominant force. For what it’s worth I vote independent as I don’t vote along party lines. Anyway I stand by everything I have said. If the whingers want to continue then that’s fine, but I’ll get real independent thought elsewhere. And Kaye the jet fighter policy is a policy from the previous government. A bit of honesty would be a nice change. The PPL is a disaster but set to be rolled back to the Greens liking. You know, the real party of the left and not the nothing party?

  35. Stephen honesty is what I am after. Howard started the jet order. We have paid for 2 and had ordered another 12. Tony Abbott decided to, on top of that, buy another 58 with an option for even more.

    The spending comes less than a month before Treasurer Joe Hockey delivers a budget with expected cuts to health and welfare, saying the money for the fighters had been put aside since the government’s initial order of 14 aircraft.

    Read more:

    This shows that defence are given way too much money.

  36. Many retards are unable to discern between between a constructive analysis of critique and confuse what is being conveyed as whinging, rather than address what is being communicated, and use a slogan or word to stop democratic debate.

  37. Wow Stephen, you whine about politics, you whine that people are talking about things you disagree with, you attack this site, you abuse other commentators, and then whine that “this site is just an LNP hate fest” – the only hate I see is coming From you To people who think differently from you. I guess in your world if someone disagrees with you and public expresses that, that is just like “hate”.


  38. Stephen, do you mean site or sight? to state the obvious the so called boat people are escaping war or the effects of, also the imperialist powers now invade through bank loans and the stock exchange, having the effect of impoverishing the third world, as example of what I mean, once called Ceylon, by the British, when the British controlled this country, they installed a minority group to become bureaucrats, this eventually became the root of discontent, hence the war, thus creating the boat people who are now attempting to flee from persecution.
    The problem with military expenditure is as you become a stronger militaristic power this creates those who are seen as a threat and they increase militaristic expenditure, what is of concern to me is no political party is addressing this, the way forward to wind down military world wide and use the money in a constructive way to reduce fear on this planet, what I am saying is instead of dividing and rule as with conflict, cooperation may be the way to go.
    The problem with the two major parties, is the Liberals are committed to profiteering at the expense of the environment that profit the few and gives token support to workers, as jobs to pay inflated repayments of housing, as seen in Tasmania deforestation and the pollution, of the reef in dumping material to create a port, typically examples of liberal policy, the problem with labor is they have a difficulty in identifying what they stand for, that is the working class, historically were distinct as a oppressed class, as the the trades became increasingly better off, it became ambiguous, if you look at a prime minister such as Aneurin Bevan, a coal miners son, would be a classical labor man, contrasted by Rudd, and I have difficulty in finding how much money his immediate family wealth is but my estimate is 200 million dollars plus, I find ti difficult to think of him representing myself as a working class individual.

  39. If the jet order went from 2 jets then to 12 and now 58, who is the threat perceived to be? if its China, surely our policies to have China as a industrialist, run along as a capitalist country, that eventually becomes a country that has to arm itself and potentially threaten Australia, we have encouraged China to become what it has become and now we are to increase our militaristic power to what? a fight with this power? and if it comes to a show down, would 58 jets be enough? also the jets are having problems and are already dated.

  40. Stephen, you’re doing it again. Slapping on political labels (“LNP hate fest, ALP love-in”) to avoid examining and debating an issue on its merits. If AIMN is a ‘fest’ it is an ideas fest. And yes, it explores issues from a left/progressive viewpoint. (Ever been on Catallaxy? Its the exact opposite.) Not too impressed with the ALP? Neither are a great many of us. So post your conservative views. But remember, your challenge will be significant. Not because as a conservative posting on an avowedly left/progressive site you may expect responses a-plenty–a process by the way termed ‘rebuttal’ and with which many conservatives have the greatest difficulty, (“they tried to prevent my right to free speech by actually replying!”) but because of the banal, eye-watering awfulness of so much modern conservative “thought”. Most people could do better in their sleep. Come with me to a selection of conservative responses on blogs and observe how the world is seen through a straw. Note the tick-lists of unsupported or fabricated assertions; the paranoid fear of losing assets, the acquisition, accumulation and protection of which forms the lynch-pin of conservative philosophies; note that the instruments of that unlikely loss are simply attempts at righting inequities by “Labor and their Commie mates” (note too the dependence on clumsy name-calling). Observe the tendency to build argument around a comforting myth, (“how come you lot are all here singing the same song? Isn’t Centrelink open yet?”) and the rising tone of frustration as the blogger tries to cram reality into the straitjacket of conservative ideology. (” The alarmists can scream all they like, but Arctic ice is growing”). Stephen, if you can avoid these pitfalls and write in a constructive, evidence-based way, you will be following in the footsteps of old ‘small l’ Liberals like Rupert Hamer and the re-born Malcolm Fraser, so demonised by the modern hard right. Over to you.

  41. Mr Rabbit

    Yes, you are right. We must all sacrifice something if we are to put the budget back into credit.

    Pensioners must wait longer for the benefits that they have paid for over the years. Parents must pay a little more for medical treatment for their children. Forget the fact that they have paid a levy from their salary each week. Workers must have a reduced minimum wage. They apparently receive to much currently. The people in developing countries will have to wait longer for the nutrition and medical attention that they need. We apparently spend too much on the starving hordes. To give them food, sanitation education and medical assistance only encourages the randy blighters to have more children and , perish the thought, live longer.

    I know that you and your parliamentary colleagues propose to delay receipt of your salary increases. That will possibly mean that you and your ministerial colleagues receive about $5000 less each per year. Whoah, thATS IS MORE THAN THE PROPOSED ANNUAL INCOME OF A PENSIONER. Don’t be too hard on yourselves,


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