Month: May 2014

The Murdochracy

Nicole Clark looks at that propaganda machine – the Murdoch media (‘affectionately’ known of late as the Murdochracy) – and how it is determined to discredit climate science. We are fighting a war on Climate Change in Australia, we are… Read More ›

A Failure of Moral Leadership

The recent review into the events on 16th-18th February at the Manus Island Regional Processing Centre that led to the death of 23 year old Iranian Asylum seeker, Reza Barati, raises several questions about the responsibilities incumbent upon the Department… Read More ›

Call to Arms

Make no mistake, we are under attack.  The very fabric of our wonderful society is being torn apart to satisfy the ambition of a man who once said “We are all promoted to our own level of incompetence.  So sooner… Read More ›