Budget spin enters Fantasyland



By Barry Tucker                    5 April, 2014

The Budget spin of Australian federal Treasurer Joe Hockey has entered the world of fantasy. It’s a world where fantastic imagination, lies, obfuscation, bull-dust, half-truth and distortion gets mixed in a muddle — all designed to blind-side the voters.

Sometimes it blind-sides the news media. Sometimes some of the news media get sick of the deception, get sick of being played for fools — and let rip.

This is a story about such an occasion. Some mistakes were made along the way.

Let’s begin with this meme, circulated on Twitter on Thursday, April 3, 2014.

hockey con job

It’s WRONG! Well, half wrong. The reference to “Treasury Analysis” is wrong. Treasurer Hockey issued a “Briefing Note”. His note was supposedly based on Treasury modelling.

The online news magazine Crikey.com pointed out how some news media portrayed the…

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13 replies

  1. One has to question every word that arises from this a man’s lips.

  2. Yeah… I saw an in-depth story about the bogus “Treasury Analysis” on SEVEN News last night!!! Ha! Just kidding ya!!!

  3. The calm, stay-the-course bravado this regime portrays is quite easy to maintain, they don’t have journalists hounding them about everything that until recently used to be the fault of the government.

    But then, they’re all off looking for that plane.

  4. Queenslanders are still confused about the mixed messages coming from federal and state Treasurers.

    While the Newman government were preparing us for massive public asset sales to repay spiraling government debt – generally known as Labor’s mess – we then have Hockey telling the state Treasurers to sell of publicly owned assets but stick the money into roads, tunnels and bridges (but not repeat not public transport). Don’t worry about debt anymore, we have an infrastructure Prime Minister who wants to leave a legacy of roads (for foreign cars because we don’t make any ourselves anymore).

    Confusing isn’t it ?

  5. They always lie.

  6. Lying our country into poverty would present no moral challenge to the vermin that lied it into war.

  7. Yet all you people do is post commentary. Don’t any of you have the strength of your convictions? One protest march does not make change. Words alone do not stop the destruction, vandalism and lies. Raging against the night doesn’t maintain the light.

    White feathers do not make a dove.

  8. smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/plan-to-collect-dead-students-debt-20140406-366o7.html

    The Abbott Regime intends to pursue the HECS debts of deceased students.

  9. Ah… but sixty seconds make a minute…

    I think there’s a lesson there for all of us!

  10. So is he lieing about the ALP putting us in debt ?

  11. Max Farrelly is it true Abbott is putting us in greater debt?

    Do you understand debt and deficits and if so what is bad about what Labor did during the GFC?

  12. Max Farrelly,

    We went into debt to save jobs and avoid going into a recession during the GFC. And yes Hockey is lying/misrepresenting the debt. he keeps saying Labor left us with a debt of $667 billion. This is simply untrue. That is a forecast from Joe’s MYEFO for projected gross debt in 2023-24, ten years time, and it includes the repercussions of the Coalition’s decisions like Joe’s $8.8 billion gift to the RBA and the $300 million a year interest we have to pay on that. The truth of the debt that the Coalition inherited is also in Joe’s MYEFO statement

    “Net debt is forecast to be $191.5 billion in 2013-14 and reach $280 billion in 2016-17.”

  13. And Kaye Lee let’s not forget the debt that’s been added in the last 6 months that are solely of this government’s making. The figures for that are in this blog and elsewhere.

    This government so far has increased spending around 10% over what the previous government did in an equivalent period, yet no outrage from the MSM or right wingers who constantly went on about the debt which got us through the GFC.

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