Murdoch Media. Where the truth goes to die.

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In modern terms “The Fourth Estate” commonly refers to the media but more specifically the print media. In the American system of government the term segregates the media from the constitution, the law, various levels and branches of administration. In Australia the same principle applies.

The Fourth Estate is the custodian of the people’s right to information. And of course the truth of it. It has no official status but is of symbolic importance. Its function should be to provide access to the public of information vital to the essential health of democracy for at least two reasons. First, it ensures that citizens make responsible, informed choices rather than acting out of ignorance or misinformation. Second, information serves a “checking function” by ensuring that elected representatives uphold their oaths of office and carry out the wishes of those who elected them.

It is called the fourth branch of government because it plays such an important role in the fortunes of political candidates and issues. This is where the role of the media can become controversial. News reporting is supposed to be objective, but journalists are people, with feelings, opinions and preconceived ideas.

And it is the owner and the editor who call the shots and employs the journalists.

What is a newspaper?

A newspaper is a publication that is issued daily or weekly and includes local and international news stories, advertisements, announcements, opinions, cartoons, sports news etc. It is an important method of letting the public know everything that is happening in their local area and around the world.

Even with the advancements in computer technology, the internet and on line bloggers newspapers continue to be an important, if not rapidly declining aspect of everyday life.

Editorial opinion usually reflects the proprietor’s political philosophy. And whoever owns it is entitled to represent his or her views. Stories usually attract column space relevant to the credibility or authenticity of the subject. For example, if 98% of the world’s scientists said that global warming was of major concern then normally the other side would receive exposure pertinent to its credibility.

There is of course this fourth estate thing that requires truthful journalistic inquiry together with fair and balanced reporting. In this area Murdoch papers fail miserably. In fact his publications have abdicated any allegiance to the doctrines of the Fourth Estate.

When it was launched and for some time after The Australian was a decent newspaper. In the 1980s and 1990s, before the Internet, it was a credible source of computer industry news and general world affairs.

When it turned into the official newsletter of the Liberal National Parties is difficult to pinpoint. But it certainly has.

The average print circulation for The Australian on weekdays pre 2013 was 116,655 during the June quarter 2013. It fell 9.8 per cent compared to the June quarter 2012. The average print circulation for The Weekend Australian was 254,891 during the June quarter 2013, down 10.8 per cent compared to the June quarter the previous year.

Murdoch newspapers have little readership and have been losing millions of dollars for years. Rupert Murdoch has been propping them up for two reasons. One it is in his blood and two because of the power and influence it gives him. In all probability when he dies The Australian (and others) will ether fold or be sold.

However, as it stands The Australian is the ‘go to’ source for every right-wing supporter and feral media commentator in the country. It feeds its conservative bullshit to the shock jocks and the awaiting throng of drooling journalists who would rather do the boss’s bidding than report the truth.

“If a newspaper article is written in a manner to suggest objectivity but subjective words are scattered throughout it together with carefully phrased unsupported statements then dismiss the article as having no cogency” (John Lord).

As an example of their right wing bias I put to you this list of stories that appeared on its pages on Thursday January 16 2014.

(Yes it’s just one day and on weekends it gets worse. It is not an isolated instance. Almost every day the front page is riddled with anti-left rhetoric).

1. Another installment in the long running, dirty, smear campaign against Catholic Church child sex whistle-blower, Peter Fox.

2. Climate change denier, Maurice Newman, attacks scientists again.

3. Economist David Crowe defends Tony Abbott’s Commission of Audit saying there is no alternative to raising the GST and selling government assets including Australia Post and the ABC.

4. Another Republican Party report accusing President Barack Obama of a cover-up over the Benghazi attack on September 11, 2012.

5. A defense of Australian immigration minister Scott Morrison, insisting that the Australian navy never fired on a boat carrying asylum-seekers from Indonesia.

6. Kenneth Wiltshire calls for schools to teach conservative values.

7. Andrew Robb writes yet another article denying climate change.

8. Editor, Chris Mitchell, cheers on the demise of the Australia Greens Party in his sarcastically titled “Say a little prayer for Greens”.

9. Peter Shergold argues for the selling off and outsourcing of social services traditionally provided by government.

10. Greg Sheridan cheers Tony Abbott’s victory over people smugglers.

11. Gerard Henderson attacks SBS over a documentary on the history of ASIO calling SBS screening of the doco “totalitarian slurs” and accuses SBS of “leftist sympathies”.

13. Angela Shanahan calls for abortion to be banned at a national level.

14. Bjørn Lomborg says the burning of coal is not causing climate change.

Please Note. Janet Albrechtsen is still on holidays so it could have been worse.

I repeat: This is not an isolated incident as the front page of the Australian often contains up to six anti-left stories.

“It is a pity that fact in journalism cannot be made compulsory and decency legislated” (John Lord).

The Murdoch Media’s approach to journalism can best be described with the following quote:

“It is said of pornography (and I am not expert in this field) that in order to maintain the viewers or readers interest it needs to progressively become more outlandish – more tantalising – more seductive-more flirtatious-more provocative – more stunning and more enticing. And in their desire to maintain some dominance, that’s exactly what main stream media is doing. It has chosen to prostitute itself in the forlorn hope of remaining relevant” (John Lord).

Murdoch Media. Where the truth goes to die.


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42 replies

  1. If not to die, to be twisted out shape, that it can no longer be found.

  2. I too have been concerned about what has happened to our national broadsheet. I remember buying the first edition of the Australian back in 1964 (I think) and ever since, in various overseas postings I would hunt out the Weekend Australian in particular, sometimes it was as late as the following Wednesday before it got on to the news stand.

    Then it started to get very opinionated and politically biased and some of the contributors, as noted by you, were not impartial journalists but right wing spruikers and I wondered why I was being asked to read these peoples’ warped views on life and politics. I pick the change as being around 1998 and it has got worse since.

    I was shocked and saddened about the positions adopted my the Murdoch press before the last election and I now reluctantly acknowledge that we have lost that precious jewel: a free, fearless and independent media.

  3. Excellent, John.

    Although the truth drops dead at Murdoch’s doorstop, it flourishes elsewhere around the independent and social media. And I see that the Fairfax media have caught on to a bit of truth telling since the election.

  4. I can tell you when it started. During the Whitlam years the papers started complaining about the waste of money being spent on the Plebs. Then with Fraser in power the LNP was lauded as the saviour of all that is our British heritage, until by International pressure he was forced to let in the Vietnamese refugees. The elite had just got used to that idea when … Shock horror! Hawke gets in! That beer swilling commoner! How dare he lower the tone of those who considered themselves the nouveau riche, those who had had elocution lessons for a decade so they spoke with a plum in their mouths 🙂 And along comes Keating. OMG! He didn’t even complete Secondary School! The shame! The country is being led by a nobody! And worse still he had the nerve to tell people the truth! And so the papers had to speak even more loudly for the elite as it must never be allowed to happen again. The country must be run for the good of the moneyed elite, after all, aren’t they the real rulers? The ones who run big businesses so are the real employers? The ones who uphold the standards? No, no and no. They just think they are 🙂 The plebs had become educated and started believing in themselves, saw the lies and put downs written in the papers and stopped buying them and that is why their sales have gone down, the plebs were revolting 🙂

  5. But is Fairfax any better? Op Ed drivel from Mandy “Deport-em-All” Vanstone, Bitchy nonsense from Nicolle Flint and the inevitable loopiness from the “Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-Another-Planet” the’s obvious Gina’s stake is being massaged.

  6. Great story John. My sympathy for having to read through Murdoch’s rag to find those headlines.
    I think Murdoch journalist need to be named and shamed to the extent that their credibility is never regained.

    At the end of the day I think the majority of Australia know Murdoch is bias and evil. We are creatures of habit though. I know people who ‘hate’ Murdoch and the Abbott government yet still read Murdoch papers and pay wall web sites.

    Personally all my news comes from on line. I don’t watch tv news, if I do ever come across a news paper I look at crime stories and advertising… go figure

  7. I tend to liken print media to the frog swimming in the saucepan unaware it is slowly boiling to death.

  8. Yes Rupert is one evil little bastard – the sooner he shuffles off the better for us all. I don’t buy or read anything put out by him, it’s just poison.

  9. My brother and I read this Orwellian pamphlet for a week, when staying with our parents over Christmas. It was impossible to get past the front page without exploding with rage over the blatant dishonesty this mind enema peddles.
    Our parents are of course part of the prime readership. White, comfortably retired racist, climate change deniers that believe anyone not earning a substantial salary only has themselves to blame.
    Clearly the poor don’t work hard enough and we pay them too much anyway. While on the subject, the reason their own shares are not performing well is because extreme left wing governments handed superannuation to the unworthy poor, thus flooding the investment market with too much money.
    The selfish gene I am happy to say has stopped with them.
    What I did find interesting was their complete inability to absorb any information proffered that destroyed their key arguments. Simple logic such as compulsory super being in lieu of pay rises and reducing the burden on future government pension obligations.

    The Murdoch narrative is designed to enforce a divide between the privileged and the poor.
    It’s conformational bias, pure and simple.
    Climate change action is damaging to profitability, therefore a lie.
    Left wing governments waste money on services that the rich don’t need.
    Refugees mean less white people.
    NBN is to do with computers which we don’t need and the internet is full of left wing, commie propaganda.

    The target audience is just getting exactly what it wants. A printed “proof” that their way of thinking is just, moral and correct. The fact that this media marriage survives on a pact of lies is never part of the thinking process. After all, it’s in the paper so it must be true !

  10. With Labor, exercising common sense, making themselves a smaller target, the MSM has a choice, talk about nothing, or this government.

    As it is impossible to find anything positive, they are forced to deal with truth.

  11. My wife was just facebook chatting with some friends near the Grampians, very close to the huge bushfires burning there. According to local gossip some of Ruperts boys and girls were stopped at a roadblock and instructed it was too dangerous to go any further. The intrepid news hounds decided to go up some back roads and across some paddocks to get around the roadblock and got themselves into serious difficulties when the fire did exactly what they were told it would do and trapped them.
    I can’t vouch for the truth of any of this and I doubt we will ever hear any more. I am a fireman myself and I have been present at quite a few things like this and its very rare that you hear anything more unless its reported in the media, which would be unlikely for this one.

  12. Up until 2009 I was buying The Australian 6 times a week going back to 1964. The Telegraph – Friday Sunday and Monday (mainly for Sport). A total of 12 News Ltd newspapers per week, I now buy none. My conscience will never forgive or forget, I knew how thoroughly bad the reporting was but it took a long time to overcome the addiction, anyone who reads Murdoch has to be sick????

  13. Excellent article. Wish Murdoch would hurry up and die. At least Dame Elisabeth no longer suffers for his embarassing behaviour.
    Maybe he was adopted?

  14. Good one John 😎

    Yes the Australian is only good for piling up beside the loo in case the good paper runs out 😯 You wouldn’t even wrap your fish and chips in it as they would come out all bitter and twisted :mrgreen:

    Murdoch also gets a small mention in the post of my first poem for the year “The adults are in-charge” 😀

    Cheers 😀

  15. <

    Murdoch, the American owner of Queensland monopoly newspaper the Courier Mail is using plenty of print today to prop up the failed newman.

    The sad and pathetic newman has absolutely no idea and is completely bewildered as to why intellectuals would be against him.

    No shortage of Queenslanders think the shrimp newman is a complete *uckwit.

  16. Nice work, John. I console myself with this thought every day: Life is just a steady march to the grave – but Murdoch is much closer than I am.

  17. One of my all time favourite examples comes via that champion of Murdocracy, Stevie Lewis:

    The first 11 paras are all anti ALP – then the last few actually contain the truth – and for those who can’t read, there is a strategic piece of digital imagery designed to get across the intended message.

  18. Rather than repeating all the lies and spin contained in the Murdoch press a more positive and enlightening approach (for your readers) would be to publish the true stories that Murdoch refuses to include – climate change, corruption (e.g. Slipper/Ashby/Brough – remember them?) and Craig Thomson’s court appearances and results, the true state of our poor asylum seekers…… the list goes on and on.

    We need a website that documents in a straight list the lies he prints and the facts he ignores.

    Never let the facts get in the way of a good story is rupert’s motto.

    I haven’t touched anything Murdoch for over 4 years. I can recall The Australian when it first started – it was so exciting, living in Western Australia you at last felt you were in touch with the rest of Australia. Where did it go wrong?

    I nearly fell off my chair the other day when Maxine McKew stated on television that “she has to read The Australian first thing every morning”. But then I thought – hmmmm, that fits now.

  19. Murdoch will tell you himself that he got Whitlam elected in the first place (in a “my politician is going to beat yours” fight with Packer), then got him kicked out, then later helped Hawke get elected, and more recently, Kevin ’07. He operates on whim and occasionally backs the left, mainly to show how powerful he is and to keep the LNP toeing the line and compliant with his wishes. The ramping up of right-wing bias over the last 3-4 years is because the Australian electorate couldn’t quite bring themselves to vote for Abbott in 2010 and Julia proved to be a better negotiator (hardly a compliment considering the competition!) and managed to wrangle a minority government. That couldn’t be allowed to happen again, so we have the blatant bias to which the public has slowly become inured (a la John Kelly’s frog).
    Interestingly, at my local newsagency (south coast NSW during the holiday season), I overheard a conversation with the sales assistant who was answering a customer’s query as to why so many Sunday Telegraphs were sitting in a pile, while the Sun Herald was flying off the shelves. Her response: “No-one seems to be buying them anymore! I don’t know why.” The customer’s reply: “Probably because they’re full of crap! You don’t buy a Murdoch paper if you want to read the news!” This exchange made me feel a whole lot better about my neighbours!

  20. I felt somehow elated at the positve nature of the thoughts you all expressed in your opinion of the Australian and Rupert Murdoch May his reign in the current cycle of political bias be short and bitter.

  21. Great article!

    I agree with the other comments regarding The Australian. It once was a worthy newspaper. It now chases a niche market that desperately wants its biases reinforced. That’s very similar to how Fox News functions. (The New Yorker recently had an article on Fox head honcho Roger Ailes New Yorker has also in recent years looked at the reach of the Murdoch’s )

    The Australian probably isn’t far off from folding. Rupert will outlive it. He may even outlive his media empire depending on what happens with the Rebekah Brooks trial.

    I’ve also noticed that the News Corp titles tend to remain on the shelves. I buy my daily paper – The Age – from one of three places and they always have an abundance of The Australian and Herald-Sun left over.
    While I do get annoyed with the quality of some of the op-ed pieces in The Age I mostly find it a reliable ‘rag’. I have no problem with reading a ‘conservative’ or ‘right-wing’ perspective if it is well written and presents a cogent argument, but Amanda Vanstone is simply a poor writer with a myopic intellect. Nicole Flint appears to inhabit a rarefied world of simplistic self-indulgence and the contributions from the quasi fascists and pseudo intellectuals from the IPA are reductionist tripe. This week’s offering from Stephanie Forrest titled “Shaping curriculum should not be left to politicians” was especially repetitious and lacking in nuance. (Of Ms Forrest’s many infantile claims was the remarkable assertion that Australia is a democracy thanks to the British Empire. It is a statement that could be unpacked to reveal multitudes of influences, replete with competing theses & antitheses. But some people prefer simple slogans that merely reinforce their entrenched bias). While The Age has its faults it is still miles ahead of anything Murdoch offers these days and maintains a balance in its opinion pieces and separation off opinion from its news reporting.

    The Australian’s attitude to the Greens and Climate Change is breathtakingly bizarre. But again it’s playing to an audience. This is a readership that is becoming increasingly fearful that their ascendency is in decline. Their prejudices and bigotry are revealed as puerile non-sense in the face of evidence and so they simply prefer to exult ‘Western Civilisation’ which I suspect is a euphemism for something far more sinister with much in common with the Ku Klux Klan,8c8c250f-da79-405f-b716-d4409cab5396,frameless.html Indeed, the language used by the KKK, the Tea Party and Australia’s own ‘free-market’ think tank the IPA is unsettling in its similarities. They have exceptionally idiosyncratic definitions of the word ‘freedom’. The Murdoch media’s continual assault on the Greens is anti-democratic. That a media corporation should actively seek to destroy a political party should be cause for concern. That a media corporation should deliberately seek to obfuscate the necessary discussion surrounding the science of climate change should be cause for concern.

  22. JustThink4Once –
    Good on you for escaping the ‘selfish gene’. I post this in response to John’s excellent article as a warning of something dire to come. You mentioned superannuation

    While on the subject, the reason their own shares are not performing well is because extreme left wing governments handed superannuation to the unworthy poor, thus flooding the investment market with too much money […] Simple logic such as compulsory super being in lieu of pay rises and reducing the burden on future government pension obligations.

    – I have a modest super account which I would not have had except for Paul Keating. (Thank you, Mr Keating)
    The dire warning comes from rumblings in the USA which has the same unfortunate political circumstance as our own; a socially-oriented left progressive Democrat party and the blindingly rich-elitist far right conservative Republicans.
    Don’t be surprised if, in the near future, you hear something in regards to the Future Fund being raided by Abbott conserves (You probably won’t hear about it until Ex Post Facto ).
    These rumblings are only now becoming realised by the politically aware. It all started with Ronald McReagan.
    I will leave you with this link to read.
    Please follow the other links embedded for further understanding.

  23. John, great work and I was right there with you all the way, until you quoted yourself – again. Please let history stake its claim on your quotes, should they prove worthy – which is unlikely with your pre-empting yourself like this – kind of takes the sting out of your otherwise worthy scrutiny of Murdoch.

    Feel free to disagree, John, I find it hard to praise your work with this silly contrivance of self-quotations.

  24. The Australian started going downhill in 1971 – when Murdoch sacked Adrian Deamer for not supporting the Springboks tour loudly. This was the signal to journalists that they have obeyed ever since.

  25. The truth is simply a perception held by an individual.How they form it is up to them. how much info you put in to mould your ideas is your choice.It is a sad aspect of human nature that we are willing to trust others so blindly.We are not taught to question,we are taught to listen to what is being said but not to what they are saying.We have been this way for two thousand years where I am right and you are wrong and there is nothing in between.It`s like your left ear and your right ear

  26. i’ve been thinking about these nutbucket right wing “journalists” and radio shock jocks for some time and have concluded that their angry rants and irrational comment are all they have to offer.
    They have no thoughts on life other than hate of anything that might be considered left of right right right,
    I doubt they have any real friends apart from family who probably humour them to avoid hurting their feelings.
    They know that when the inevitable happens and the right wing media implodes that they will be completely irrelevant and unemployable and will be consigned to the dustbin of history.

  27. Sorry, John, but if the truth were to die we could celebrate its life. The skill of Murdochian owned journalists is in the cosmetic surgery of the truth. Sliced and woven with beliefs, stereotypes and prejudices. Grafted with lies, innuendos and half-truths. It struts the catwalks of the media as the new truth, bigger, better and believable. This truth sells, it’s scars are covered by make-up or ignored. This truth can elect a nasty, amoral PM and can convince Labor of destiny and let him run his course.

  28. Used to buy and read ( and even get printed in) the Australian during the late 80’s through the nineties.
    I was amazed some of my little ‘Letters to the Editor’ got an airing, and was proud, once,to be printed on the same page as Mem Fox.
    Then the hate mail started. It reached me. It was threatening and full of venom for my ‘lefty’ leaning ways. ( I set it off by being FOR Reconciliation and an Apology to the Stolen Generations.)

    I enjoyed reading Nicholas Rothwell’s pieces on his trips and observations to the indigenous communities. His writing (in The Australian) was poignant, expressive, descriptive and lyrical. I was enthralled.
    I enjoyed reading Phillip Adams for his take on the weeks events.
    I looked forward to the Weekend magazine and its introducing us to new people and writers.
    And then the mirror cracked.
    Something happened.
    I felt it distinctly during the Howard years…this nasty, one sided, vicious, pretend reporting crept in. The letters section were becoming more and more borish and once sided, with additional letters from politicians themselves ( thought the page was for the reader…huh!).

    We gave up buying it.

    Turned to the SMH….then gradually after 2007 the SMH started its change. After getting a few Letters printed ( to do with the disabled) it slipped into what ( seemed at the time) was happening with the Labor Party…a slide to the right to capture the ‘audience’ and the public’s attention.

    So finally tripped the light fantastic to online independent writing.
    Thank you to AIMN and writers like John and commentators like Kaye Lee I get my hit of intelligent, caring, carefully thought through writings.

  29. Paid for The Australian, and read it in detail, for about 25 years, from my late teens to early 40s. Gave up in the mid 2000s. It has become nothing more than a vile propaganda shit sheet, that is not even pretending anymore.

    Ditto for all of Murdoch’s media empire.

    The sooner he is politically neutered, the better off our world will be.

  30. To me, the interesting thing is that News Ltd must, at some stage have made an executive decision to disenfranchise a large section of their readership when they decided to take a conservative right position in Australia.
    So they must have gambled that the benefits to them under a conservative government were going to compensate for that loss of print readership. Clearly they want, and will probably get, the Australia Network from the ABC; Julie Bishop has already flagged that one: They must also see benefits accruing to Foxtel from a watered down NBN and, of course a privatised or constrained ABC/SBS would benefit their SKY and TEN interests immensely.

    We are going to have to be on our toes guys.

  31. Let’s deal with semantics here. The word “Free” in the term “Free Press” does not mean the same as it does in “Free Gift” or “Free Speech” or “Free from lice.” After all, you still need to pay to read the newspapers (so it isn’t “free” in that sense) nor can just anyone choose what goes into it (another meaning of “free” eliminated)… what it means, purely and simply, is that “the owner of said newspaper can print what they like and not be held to account for it.”

    Rupert Murdoch is a rich, powerful person, and therefore, naturally, a conservative. And equally naturally, anything he publishes will carry that bias. However, what he does NOT have the ability to do is force anyone to either (a) buy or read his product (b) agree with, or even give credence to, his opinions, or (c) cast their vote according to his advice.

    Ironically, it is the very things Murdoch so adores – Laissez-Faire Free-Market Capitalism – that will eventually bring about his downfall. The 2013 Federal Election seems to have been the last gasp for the model of people voting according to what the newspapers tell them. Already, the role of Murdoch Newspapers in particular appears to be diminishing, with only extreme rightists giving much credence to their political content, and one would be hard pressed to find anyone under 60 who actually reads them. These days, people get their information on line, or from printed media that they regard as balanced and credible (The Fairfax Press, though hardly progressive, will probably go on influencing public opinion long after Murdoch’s stuff has folded) – simply because the alternatives provide a better product.

    As with any paradigm shift, it is hard to see it happening in these early stages – after all, many people still read newspapers and listen to right wing AM radio talkback shows, But a study of this demographic shows that it is mainly a residual audience, mostly older people who have grown up with the tradition of reading the paper at breakfast and listening to the wireless. As these people age, there are few younger people coming along to replace them.

    The rightist media, led by old Rupert, are making hay in the last of the summer sun, enjoying one last frolic before their world vanishes. I can’t help thinking that few people outside of the extreme right will miss it overmuch.

  32. I know Fairfax has some absolute twits as some time columnists, but in the main it cannot be compared to the outright lies of the murdoch press. I buy the Age, but the Feral Scum (herald sun) is on the table at work. I read it for the ads, & the sport, it has very little news content & what it does have of a political nature is total bullsh!

  33. Last week Julie Bishop was in Israel talking to Avignor Liebman during the course of the talks she said she, and presumeably the Australean govt, do not consider the construction in West bank settlements illegal.She also conveniently forgot about her criticsm of Aus passport theft by the Israelis. 3 days ago in the Australian there was a report saying she would seek nomination for PM at the half yearly selection meeting of the LNP. Now watch the pro Israeli Australian Murdock press swing into action, Abbott,you are gone, just like Rudd, Guilard and for all those who thought Julia was a witch wait untill Julie Bishop gets in, you ain,t seen nothing yet

  34. Popsie

    I noticed this shift in policy on West Bank settlements by the new government but, surprisingly, there has been very little comment in the MSM: this is probably a subject for another discussion but here is the SMH article which raises all sorts of additional questions about this government and its policies; I don’t see the same sort of questions in the News Ltd papers:

  35. Popsie, as much as I’d enjoy seeing Abbott displaced as our prime minister, the thought of Julie Bishop taking over gives me no joy at all. A stray cat could do a better job than her as PM.

    Come to think of it, a stray cat could do a better job than her as FM.

  36. In fact, the product of said stray cat’s lower digestive system couldn’t do much worse.

  37. Yep and i also used to buy the OZ for many years being a tech junkie. I stopped around the mid nineties. I havent read Murdoch shit for a lonnnng time. I also refuse to watch the tripe on TEN

  38. Is it true or did you read it in The Australian?


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