A small announcement: we’re moving


Over the next few days The AIMN is switching web hosts. Hopefully the move will go smoothly (as promised by the new provider) and you won’t even notice it. We will look no different. But there is an outside chance that we will be offline for a short time – an outside chance only – so if we do disappear off your screen it will be only temporarily. Life has taught me one lesson: things don’t always go as planned.

Before and during the move it will still be business as usual.

Thank you for your support.

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  1. You sure do like to do a lotta things at the one time, Michael .. 🙂

  2. Hi M.R.

    I was wise enough to pay a professional to do it. All I have to do (at this stage) is click a button. 🙂

    Then it’s over to them.

  3. Good luck with the move Michael and thank you for letting us know. I will be moving house myself too within the next couple of weeks but i still hope to remain in touch.

  4. thanks for the notification. Good luck with the button clicking. When you wake up you wont even notice the difference and it’ll be business as usual. Hope new providers serve you well 🙂

  5. I’ve pressed the button but they must be all asleep in America.

  6. Michael, what do you hope to get from the new site. Still every move you have made so far, has been the right one.

    Is it only this site, or Cafe as well?

  7. Cheers mate,all the best with the move and hope is goes smooth and to plan.Thanks for everything to you and the entire TEAM.

  8. Have we moved yet?

    Even Bolt demanding that Abbott repeats his promise on Gonski.

    Abbott refused but came up with the statement that he will keep the promise he made, not the one people thinks he did.

  9. No, we haven’t moved yet.

    The new site has been established but there’s lots of work to do to have it looking like this one before we transfer the domain.

  10. I should not be so inpatient.

  11. No, that’s fine Fu. It’s just going to be more complicated than I first thought.

  12. No, it is the education system. None of us can comprehend what Abbott says., We all get it wrong.

  13. This move is becoming more complicated by the minute.

    It appears that the theme (design) we use for The AIMN may not be available to us after the move, so despite my promise that you will not see any difference, we may in fact look a lot different.

    That being the case, bear with us when we do move while we ‘fiddle’ around for a new design. During that period you might see us taking on a number of appearances until we get it right.

  14. Looking forward to the change.

  15. Love your snoopy cartoon, perhaps you could go with a Snoopy vs. the Red Baron theme, on the new site.

  16. I would love to hear about some of the ‘technical manoeuvring’ behind the scenes Michael. I appreciate that you’re very busy with this atm, but perhaps an email when things settle down a little?


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