So, where’s my apology, Prime Minister?


Hon. Prime Minister,

Whilst you’re busy being apologetic to all and sundry over the role your Coalition played in damaging relationships with multiple international neighbours, and given that you’ve couched the offers of contrition in terms of that very behaviour:

“I offered an act of contrition, if you like, to Prime Minister Najib for the way Malaysia got caught up in what was a very intense and at times somewhat rancorous debate in Australia. He knows we play our politics pretty hard in our country. ”

“… imagine taking boat people from Australia to Malaysia where they will be exposed almost inevitably to the prospect of caning …”

I’m compelled to ask, “Where’s my apology”?  Quite seriously, Sir, where is it?  Is it still being drafted perhaps?  One hopes so.

It is clear that you believe the dynamics that have been created by your own behaviour have been deleterious to our relationship with Indonesia, Malaysia and PNG respectively.   Do you imagine they are not equally destructive of your relationship with the Australian people?  After all, they are the ones for whom you ought feel the greatest degree of obligation, duty and respect, right?  If there is indeed something to be contrite about, as evidenced by your own words, then where is your domestic expression of such contrition?   I await it with keen and fervent interest.

You are retreating from a six-year campaign of asylum seeker attitude, if not actual policy, at a speed that casts a shadow of doubt over Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.  Was all the pontificating over that period merely empty bombast that one might reasonably characterise as a form of cynical social engineering?  Your posturing on the international stage thus far gives every indication that such a perception has merit.

You consciously and with malice aforethought whipped up a fetid frenzy of fatuity regarding the entire asylum seeker issue, and now you want to offer gestures of repentance to everyone save those to whom you owe the greatest responsibility?   I hesitate to descend into the realms of the scatological, but screw you, Sir.  But then, perhaps I’m being unduly pessimistic.  Perhaps you are indeed drafting just such a domestic expression of regret with all the punctiliousness that such a thing deserves.

I, and perhaps a few others, would very much like this to be so.

Contact:  Dan Rowden

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46 replies

  1. he is beyond contempt

  2. Don’t sit by the phone, is the advice I proffer.

  3. Great insights! He set new lows and yet he laughs about it. But I suppose ‘shit happens’, at least in the ‘scatological’ sense.

  4. Very well put, but I will not hold my breath.

    On another issue, I do dread what will happen to this great country over the next 3 years, ‘Fracking’ Australia has a double meaning in this context, because this new governments attitude to scrap scientific based evidence re climate change, pollution and the potential to contaminate our most precious resource, water, by Fracking, is of major concern. Where is the media when we need them, they and the dreadful ‘shock jocks’ are giving Abbott a free ride back to the past.

  5. I would also like an apology for the damage done to consumer and business confidence by the perpetual misrepresentation of our non-existent debt, deficit and budget “emergency”. Apparently Australia is now a great place to invest. Go figure!

  6. I would like an apology for the damage done to all intellectual pursuits in this country – scientists are all delusional crooks who believe in climate change, Aboriginal people who advance themselves are really just white people looking to take advantage (courtesy of Andrew Bolt), the Great Dumbing Down via 3-word slogans, so-called journalists whose programs have little to do with insightful questioning and debate but mostly resemble an episode of Toddlers & Tiaras.

  7. I did hear an ABC reporter refer Abbott making “an act of attrition” to the Malaysian PM, so perhaps we should be glad that he’s not doing the same for us.

    Mm, maybe he will..

  8. Well put …. very well put. The last six years in Australian politics have been very damaging, and a lot of it has been a result of Tony Abbott’s techniques used to get into power. I am wondering IF he isn’t realized that he has poisoned his own chalice?

  9. Hear hear, i all i can say to Dan and all of the commentators. I want an apology too for all the stress he has caused over the past six years with his lies and obfuscations. I also want an apology for what he is doing to our great country now and for all the taxpayers money he has fudged on his so called volunteer work.

  10. Australians have been duped by Murdoch et al and elected a fraud.

  11. Did you just say “fetid frenzy of fatuity”? While I agree with your sentiments, I wonder if such language narrows your audience appeal, since this is an open letter with the intent of influencing public opinion. Or is that just how you write and speak and it simply cannot be helped?

  12. Stinking stupidity doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

  13. Daniel,

    Thanks for the feedback, but I believe words aren’t just tools, they are also toys, and sometimes it’s fun to play with them.

  14. We have contempt of court – how about contempt of country. This man and his henchmen of stupidity need to be thrown out at the next election and condemned to the Halls of Shame. Till this day I refuse to acknowledge Mr Abbott, and my goodness how can anybody even contemplate it – Barnaby Joyce, Christopher Pyne (and thank goodness that Sophie Mirabella was thrown out on her ear) as members of an elected government. We have just voted in the most imbecilic and deceitful government of all time!

  15. Speaking of stinking stupidity and apologies, not only did Tony Abbott arrive late for the APEC leaders official meeting, he brought the wrong paperwork with him which kind of indicates he hadn’t looked at it beforehand but then again, why should that surprise me.

  16. Michelle,

    You have nailed that spot on, I am sure that there are many others in the wider community who are regretting their hasty vote. The whole front bench are Abbott clones so there is no hope of a reprieve until the next election, unless the opposition can force a double dissolution!

  17. At any cost by any means even put in the slipper… Then, like any narcasist apologise and expect redeption… The main thing this fuckwit should apologise for is pretending to be human…

  18. I couldn’t accept an apology from him, he is a pathological liar.
    I think that he and the rest of his revolting front bench should be put in chaff bags, taken out into international waters and thrown overboard, as was suggested be done to a previous PM by one of his unmentionable supporters.
    He endorsed this line of action in the past so should accept this as solution to the present situation, an apology would not be enough.
    I fear for Australia.

  19. @Michelle, according to my count there are 18 nations in the world that recognise the British monarch as their sovereign, nations like Canada, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, United Kingdom and Australia. Queen Elizabeth 2 is also the spiritual official head of the Church of England Organisation, two provinces: Canterbury and York. Amongst the words spoken by Jesus, in his recorded beatitudes (blessings), is number 8, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.” In my opinion, Mr Abbott is no peacemaker.

  20. Take note – ‘Contempt of court” = in this situation “CONTEMP OF COUNTRY”

    Abbott is a walking talking weasel word.

  21. Reblogged this on The Kettle Press and commented:
    It’s a very bad scenario when the first trip overseas, a new PM has to apologise to our neighbours first up.

  22. @hannahquinn, It is indeed a bad scenario for Prime Minister Abbott. Who can forget when Abbott as opposition leaders “slagged-off” reportedly accusing the Malaysian people as patently cruel, by accusing them of caning people who sought refuge, you only need to read the Murdoch Press during that time.
    Mr Abbott had to apologise. He also had to apologise to the people of Papua New Guinea for telling untruths. Leaders of nations cannot sit down together to “eye-ball”, to discuss issues like human beings seeking refuge, when one leader accuses the others of things like barbaric behaviour and misrepresenting arrangements to be worked through. This current PM is an serious embarrassment to the Australia nation. The sooner we rid ourselves of this person the better.

  23. What can I say? I still haven’t come to terms with this fool being our prime minister. What I have noticed though is that as far as the ABC goes the fool is referred to as Prime Minister Tony Abbott whereas Julia Gillard was always referred to as “Gillard” – Prime Minister status not withstanding.

  24. Any fans of Adam Hills here?

    If so, you will understand when I ask Abbott to apologise for :

    Being A Dick.

    (and thank you to AIMN, that I can write this and not be banned)

  25. Question? Is this a “Quisling” of a Government?

  26. Lawrence Winder, you’ve asked an interesting question. One can only wonder what was in Mr Abbott’s mind when as Liberal Party Leader in Opposition, and an alternative PM, he made these statements. I can only suppose that in Government he behaves himself with leaders of the nations of the world, lest he lets slip that his ways and means for achieving power was at the behest of a Media Baron.

  27. Prime Minister Tony Abbot will only find one thing to possibly apologise for on the domestic front. An apology for his total disrespect for the Office and holder of Prime Minister. He will have to apologise to himself, he will find no problem with the concept, he has spent his whole life playing with himself..

  28. His whole attitude has been, and still is all about Me, Me, Me, in various staged costumes, reminds me of the Leeds City Varieties Theatre, seeing folks in their various period dress to suit the occasion. The costume he cannot wear successfully is that of Prime Minister. With an in your face walk that looks like his ‘suppository of all knowledge’ got stuck halfway, he has no charisma or statesman-like appearance. I detest the man and his ilk..

  29. did he really say attrition? or contrition?
    collins dictionary: attrition – process by which you steadily reduce the strength of an enemy by continually attacking them: a formal word
    contrition : you are sorry and apologetic because you have done something wrong

    maybe his brain was stuck in the same old groove -lets wear her down? OR his ‘suppository got stuck?

    i sincerely hope it is a journo’s error?

  30. Abbott’s ‘humbleness’ is on par with that of Murdoch. It is purely for his own benefit as a way of appearing magnanimous, despite 6 years of reckless hysteria. The greater good has clearly been tossed out for a lustful and vain quest for power.

  31. Tony better be working on an apology to West Papua.

    “”People seeking to grandstand against Indonesia, please, don’t look to do it in Australia, you are not welcome. The second point is the situation in West Papua is getting better, not worse,” he said.

    In rejecting Mr Abbott’s claim, Dr Elmslie said that West Papuans ranked very poorly on measures of health and had the lowest socio-economic standing of the Indonesian population, with high rates of AIDS, and the lowest level of education.

    “[Indonesian] soldiers have taken trophy videos of them torturing and killing West Papuan people … I was surprised to hear Prime Minister Abbott’s comments.

    “To me, the situation is not getting better it’s getting worse”.”

    Just over a week ago, Indonesian police opened deadly fire on a market place in West Papua, injuring three. It was one of many brutal attacks on indigenous people that goes unreported because of a complete media blackout. Indonesia’s violent occupation of Papua has been going on for decades and over 500,000 people have been killed. Those that speak up against it are thrown into prison, tortured and exiled. The media blackout is a key tool the Indonesian government uses to keep the world from condemning their violence.

  32. I think Mr Abbott should also apologise to Julia Gillard for making her out to be a liar whilst if only he had looked in his mirror he would have found the real liar in his own selfimage.

  33. What I would like to know after reading all the above comments… is how did this lying manipulative back stabber get voted in?? Because it is so funny that everyone I talk to and everything I have read, NO ONE admits to voting him in and all say that he is the worse thing to happen to our country… So really how did he win??

  34. We should not let labor off the hook. Albo might have been ‘no, no, no’ in privilege but meek in open country. Rudd oh their pathetic campaign is too depressing.

  35. Dan
    get yourself a comfy chair, a few good books and plenty of snacks.
    I think the wait could be lenghty

  36. “The media blackout is a key tool the Indonesian government uses to keep the world from condemning their violence.”

    Wonder which other government, also a supposed democratic one, in our region engages in media blackouts?

  37. Wend-Lee Carrie, He won because of three fundamental factors: 1. The ALP divided it’s own house weakening itself from within and allowing its enemies to draw strength; 2. The Liberals also became divided because their leadership under Nelson & Turnbull compromised with the ALP on several key issues and this allowed Abbott to succeed by just one vote: 3. With a minority rule in Parliament the ALP continued to remain divided and together with capitalist – owners – Abbott was able to get enough Australians to elect him into power.

  38. I think we should warn Indonesia and other Asian countries that they should accept Mr Abbotts apologies with a grain of salt. He is a liar so this is purely politics and he doesn’t really mean it. Therefore they should be very wary about “warming” towards him lest they get burnt.

  39. It won’t be them that gets burnt. It will be us. He is ready to sell us down the river in an attempt to cosy up to whoever Credlin tells him to. Have a look at all these meetings – it isn’t experts sitting with Tony advising him – it’s the unelected she-devil.

  40. @Mich, Our neighbours are not stupid. Australian people don’t know much about Indonesia, they are more or less ignorant of the size of this great nation exceeding 200 million people. It takes an extra hour to fly from one side of the nation to the other when compared with a flight from Perth to Sydney. Australians aren’t even aware of the trade political connections Indonesia has with Europe, China, India & USA. The Australian Newspaper can never be trusted to tell the truth in all of this. When it comes to trade agreements on International scales, Indonesia people were trading with some of the nations, The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal etc., long before Port Jackson was used as a penal colony. We have everything to fear from a leader some of us have elected, because to date he has demonstrated the his CV is very thin indeed.

  41. @Mich I don’t think any of the Asian countries would be that easily duped. I agree with the above two posts. What will be interesting is the game of smoke and mirrors that will soon follow as the refugee debate “hots” up.

  42. Hey Dan, I found your apology. Ray Hadley’s got it.

    “The federal government expenses scandal has worsened, with Immigration Minister Scott Morrison and Assistant Defence Minister Stuart Robert the latest to repay taxpayer funds for attending a colleague’s wedding.

    Mr Morrison, who opposed the Gillard government flying asylum seekers to the funerals of family members drowned at sea, said his claim was an honest mistake.

    He explained the slip-up in a letter to Macquarie Radio host Ray Hadley, in which he said he “incorrectly and inadvertently claimed one night’s travel allowance in October 2011”.

  43. Ray Hadley can read? Get outta here!


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