What’s on the Menu? Part 2


A couple of weeks ago, I posted “What’s on the Menu” about the Mal Brough dinner. Someone who works in the hospitality industry raised a number of concerns with me about what people were saying. This person – who I’ll call “Barry” – expressed the view that it was very likely that the people working on the night would have been agency staff, so the idea that they’d be afraid of losing their job didn’t strike him as plausible. Most restuarants, he said, just had a skeleton staff, and used agencies when they had a function such as the one where the infamous menu appeared. (Or didn’t appear!)

“Barry” said that working in hospitality was a hard gig, so people often joked around, so the idea of a fake menu didn’t strike him as implausible. As for the idea that it would be put on the table, well, they have “very severe sexism laws”. Something like that just wouldn’t be tolerated. In the hospitality industry, men and women all get equal respect.

He also had problems with the chef who was sacked. Chefs just don’t get sacked in this industry – very rarely anyway. He only knew of two in his twenty years working in the industry.

Of course, many people have argued that the menu looked professionally printed. “Barry” pointe out that many places now printed their own menus from templates. Knocking up a “joke” menu would be no trouble at all. And I must agree. It’s quite easy to print a professional looking document these days.

It does seem a little implausible that a reputable restuarant would put something so crass on the tables.

All this seems quite reasonable. Still, it does seem strange that Mal Brough knew that the menu was written by “non-party member”. It does suggest that he knew who wrote it, which suggests that he’d seen it before the email from the restaurant owner apologising. So whether the menu appeared on the table or not, Mr Brough seems have been acquainted with it.

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  1. Mal Brough,, Trying to hitch the cart,after the Horse has bolted..well and truly….What an idiot,,,but then again he has idiot form..

  2. I find it very convenient that this menu was at this particular restaurant when there were approx 20 LNP ministers and members present yet all deny they ever saw it. I find it very interesting that with in hours LNP had tracked down the chef and within the day had a statement from the chefs denial of LNP involvement and interesting that the statement was sent from the LNP office. What is the most disturbing is the attitude of the media and the LNP supporters who though it to be acceptable and funny. I think in time the truth will come out and it will be proven that all the LNP people there that night did have a laugh and though it was ok to be so disrespectful of our PM. Just think of the outrage if it was done bout John Howards wife, Tony Abbotts mother or Ms Bishops sister. This is just one of the most disgusting onslaughts that Ms Gillard had to face day in day out and the media let it happen.

  3. Excuse me Mr. Exposing Abbott & the LNP etc, etc, ..Would you mind explaining to me WHY you have blocked me from commenting & “Liking” On your posts??
    You can reach me on F/B .. Spiro Fragopoulos,, a private message would be fine,
    Thanking you in antic..

  4. “Barry” said that working in hospitality was a hard gig, so people often joked around, so the idea of a fake menu didn’t strike him as implausible. ..

    I don’t buy this concept for a minute. I work in a hospitality related business dealing with staff every day. No-one has time to create fake menus..indeed any chef has a million other little jobs to think about before a gig. Waiters want to arrive, do the job and get paid and go home Joke they might but hardly time to scratch themselves.
    Perhaps a restaurant owner may create a fake menu but why ? Who to show to?

    The ‘fake menu” claim is the least plausible.

  5. In his cover-up of the menu, Richards refers to the menu in the plural.

    i.e. “THEM.”

    If this menu was “a one-off joke”, why would more than one copy of it exist?

  6. About time to put the whole tawdry business where it belongs, in the garbage. We all know the calibre of the LNP. Plenty of that type everywhere, best to not give then more publicity.

  7. One of my colleagues used to run a restaurant and he said that joke menu’s were not uncommon, and but were for staff eyes only. However, in this instance the ‘joke’ was not funny, and I would have thought that had the menu come to the knowledge of the guests, given their public political profile they would have (and should have) run a mile from it. So, no sympathy from me, Mr Brough and co.

  8. Its also not unreasonable to state that it was a private function and therefore the old “nanny state” laws pertaining to ” very severe sexism laws” would not only be null and void but would be likely to appear in the “menu” under seafood.

    “Tony Abbott is regarded by more respondents to be arrogant (59%), intolerant (48%), narrow-minded (55%) and aggressive (51%).”


    Apparently Australians have already made up their minds who the a/holes are.

  9. I worked in the hospitality industry, bars, clubs, cafes, restaurants, motels, food courts and agencies.

    Sacked chefs and saw them sacked for a number of reasons, Drinking, drunk, incompetent, sexual harassment, theft and fraud,

    Unfair dismissal means more effort in terminating them, counselling session, documentation etc.

    It is easier with casual agency staff, they do not get any more shifts.

    Agency staff are more on edge and have to be more careful of what they say and their behaviour as a complaint back from the client can see your shifts cut, get two or three complaints and you are de shifted.

    It is a small world out there, people talk and there are many agencies fighting for the work, the client is king. A good establishment will stick up for its staff with agencies it is easier to find staff than clients.

    No client would put up with agency staff badmouthing them or making public what should not be. What the butler saw. Discretion is a big part of business and agencies know this,. Basically talkitive disrespectful staff get de shifted.

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