I’m not a racist, but I know when “those people” have a right to be offended!



Andrew Bolt: “Collingwood was being thrashed and when the bearded Goodes took another possession in front of her, she shouted “ape”.

This is very rude. I wonder at her parents. It’s also possibly racist, though she insisted she didn’t mean it that way. Whatever, she needed a talking-to.

Goodes heard the abuse, and pointed her out to security. A bit over the top, since she’s so young, but Goodes has Aboriginal ancestry and no doubt understandably feels such insults more keenly than I think reasonable.”  

Ok, if you’ve read the article in question, you may be angry. You may have been convinced that Andrew eloquently argues that the poor thirteen year old has been given some pretty shabby treatment.

Whatever! (Or, in case there are 13yo’s reading this: woteva!!!)

But I felt I couldn’t let this comment slip past without me going against my basic belief that talking about Bolt only gives him oxygen.

” …but Goodes has Aboriginal ancestry and no doubt understandably feels such insults more keenly than I think reasonable.”

Now, of course, Bolt claims to have Dutch ancestry, so this may explain his stupidity, and being Dutch, he may feel that my insulting of the Dutch more keenly than I think reasonable. Because, after all, those people can be a little sensitive when it comes to generalisations like suggesting that it was the Dutch that were responsible for Apartheid. Of course, Andrew may be a little sensitive when I point out that I have no reason to believe that his father wasn’t a strong supporter of Hitler. And surely, it’s what I think that counts, isn’t it?

Just as the girl was using the word “ape” – if that indeed is all that she said – in a non-racist way, I,  too, am suggesting that the Dutch have a history of stupidity and arrogance in a totally non-racist way. I don’t mean all Dutch, of course, just most of them.

Yes, you’re right I’m being offensive. But it’s the Dutch who are feeling the brunt of my insults in a way that I don’t find reasonable.

I guess I’m forced to wonder that if Bolt considers pointing out someone to security was going too far, how would he respond if Goodes had jumped the fence and slapped the girl?

Probably no differently. I suspect that he will always have a problem when people with a history of being down-trodden – women, unions, aborigines, the poor, etc – find some way to fight back. As a superior white man, he knows that when they do, it’s bullying. When they complain, it’s bullying. When they report, it’s bullying. He’d know – he’s an expert at it!

Of course, he began his article with: “I detest racists. But…”

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  1. .Kudos. Very brave. I hand it to you for being bold and truthful. Thank you.

  2. The Rinehart Cowboy still at it.

    “Slick” Abbott, Gina, Murdoch and Pell must surely be very proud.

  3. Australia doesn’t have many convicted racists. They are relatively rare in your country.
    By convicted racist I mean someone who has been found guilty of violating Australia’s racial discrimination laws in a court of law after due process.
    Andrew Bolt is one of them.
    So is his employer, the Murdoch-owned Herald & Weekly Times.

  4. Spot on Ross. I usually avoid reading Bolt’s articles because I don’t want to give him space in my head. However. so that I’m not being hypocritical in not reading what I’m complaining about I am reading them from time to time, and I happened to read today’s. I had just read Andrew Demetriou’s article on the same subject and they couldn’t be more different. Of course he managed to write a second article warning us of the trouble we’ll have with “mass immigration” a la Europe etc. Hardly. We’ve had mass immigration and refugee populations before and in my view we are all the richer for it. Tolerance is what is required not scare mongering. It doesn’t mean we put up with anti-social and criminal behaviour but let fostering hate and leads to more hate.

  5. *but fostering hate only leads to more hate. (oops)

  6. I’m surprised that Bolt didn’t refer to him as the “black bearded Goodes”. Or more to his style, the “half casted bearded Goodes”.

  7. “I’m no racist BUT..” is a phrase that is commonly used IN ANY LANGUAGE to introduce something that will be more carefully worded, but still inherently racist. fact.

  8. I’m so glad I came across your blog today. I have been busy in the UK trolling this site into silence(and I think won) in the wake of the Woolwich murder last week.


    I have contacted them and asked them to remove the site. Yeah right.

  9. Why isn’t BoltA kept behind the paywall like those magazines wrapped in brown paper to protect children from being exposed to their poisonous content. I’ve never understood the illogicallity of racism but make an exception when it comes to the Dutch whose bigotry is only exceeded by their arrogance.

  10. Robyn, if we want to find out about the problems that ‘mass immigration’ can cause, we should ask an Australian indigenous person. More seriously, I have somehow managed to avoid Bolt until today ( I live a sheltered live in the bush). Ross, your post is right to the point, thanks.

  11. I do not hate anyone but I despise BOLT…even though I dont usually make instant decisions of someone I have never met I was bought up never to judge another human being….but to me he is not human I only hope you sent him a copy of this article…but being dutch and I know dutch……he probably would love it…….

  12. He would probably deliberately ignore the ironic intent of my comments on the Dutch and accuse me of being a racist. Which is typical of the Dutch! 😉

  13. “I don’t hate The Rinehart Cowboy but …… ….who am I kidding”.

  14. Having Dutch heritage horatio I’m pointing my finger at you and calling out security.

  15. Mo, I pray you’re not related to Bolt. 😉

    Nah, not possible. You’re far too advanced along the evolutionary path to share common genes.

  16. when i was a young boy, i was always smaller than everyone else my own age. sometimes i was teased because of it. eg. called squirt and pip squeak, if sporting sides were picked because of my size i was overlooked at the beginning, they wanted bigger players. but i had a lot of fight in me and played very hard, i had to to gain respect. as i got older and grew bigger, i also became better, but i also had a fire burning inside that made me want to kick their arses. and i did. needless to say when sides were chosen i was often the first on picked. but those words even at my age 57 still haunt me. and that fire inside explodes when i think of any injustice to me or anyone else. i know how adam goodes feels. andrew bolt, and the rest of those arseholes can get f#*#ed !!!!!!! in my humble opinion. : )

  17. Bolt hasn’t posted me for a long time, so much for his free speech thingy. This is what I wrote that didn’t get published:

    Mr Bolt, you deliberately ignore the effect a comment such as this with it’s obvious derogatory tone can effect someone. Do you excuse the reported nasty anti-Semitic taunts at a NSW school that specifically included the holocaust in the same way & that the bully is being ‘monstered’ by the victim for reporting it? You think that’s just rude too?

    Yes she did apologise but bravery? I think like any child being caught out she had no choice & should apologise. The support Goodes showed for the girl & concern on how she may suffer shows a depth of empathy that you have chosen to ignore. Then again empathy isn’t a word that graces your vocabulary let alone your persona.

    Your general tone also attempts to vilify Goodes; use of highlights including it was so “shattering” the game itself “means nothing” implies that the effect on him is overstated at best; completely selfish & attention seeking at worst. Even the use of ‘showered’ with prizes is deliberately ignoring that Goodes is one of the premium footballers of any generation and has worked hard to earn every single ‘prize’. Again your tone, and you are a master of this, implies that he was somehow ‘given’ two Brownlow’s, two premierships, several club b&f awards plus numerous other awards. Yes, sure, its only football but Goodes time & time again has shown he is a leader on & off the field, is greatly admired & by far and away a much better person than the picture you’re attempting to paint.

    ‘Goodes, at least, drew the line at that’ regarding pressing charges implies that he was in the wrong for highlighting a very ugly incident & again shows your barely hidden contempt when writing about anything to do with an indigenous issue. Your sense of justice is just plain warped & I can only suggest the puffed up view of your own importance & delight in having the attention inspires you to write such blatant biased rubbish.

  18. Bolt regards being called a hypocrite as a compliment.

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