Month: April 2013

So far so bad

Reading Greg Jericho’s excellent piece on the Drum warning of probable changes to the progressive income tax regime in Australia should the LNP win the September election reminded me that there are still some people – political commentators among them… Read More ›

Do Unto Others

Do Unto Others By John Lord Authors note. This story won an award for a children’s story written by an adult. It is suitable for kids over 10 and has a moral message. If you have kids print it our… Read More ›

Gun Control

And every time, there’s a bombing someone tries to get greater control over bombs. Soon we’ll need a licence to carry bombs. As for those liberal pinkos trying to take aways my right to drink and drive. I mean we… Read More ›

Spinach or shit?

A friend recently sent me a classic Tweet: ‘Voting for Tony Abbott because you don’t like Julia Gillard is like eating shit because you hate spinach’. Fine, some people don’t like Gillard (spinach). They don’t like her voice. They don’t… Read More ›