Getting Gillard (with the Pincer Movement)


In 2010 the Gillard government was elected in accordance with the requirements of the constitution. Julia Gillard successfully negotiated with the independents to form a minority government. In doing so she guaranteed to run a full term. By contrast Tony Abbott could not give the same undertaking. He did however say he would almost certainly sell his arse to get the Job. Ask Tony Windsor. It’s on his phone. From day one of her appointment the Prime Minister has endured one of the most sustained and ferocious political and personal attacks ever directed at a national leader.

Tony Abbott got it right when he said in his usual dismissive style “She won’t lay down and die”. As in a wartime pincer movement she has been attacked on three fronts for almost three years with vitriol that would weaken most men, but she has stood up to it with a display of intestinal fortitude that most men would die for. In fact her sex on many occasions has been made the issue whereas the truth of the matter is that most of the worlds problems have been caused by the fact that men have never really grown up. The main stream media has never, and will never acknowledge the tenacity and courage of our first ever female Australian Prime Minister. They want her out and have made no secret of it. They print and tell lies with nefarious consistency that a gullible and politically undiscerning Australian public has never really challenged.

Now lets look at the battle field. We have Julia Gillard and her vulnerable minority government being attacked by a pincer movement. On the left are the enemy within. On the right is the opposition led by the most characterless and colourless negative person of little consequence to ever have walked the halls of parliament and leading the attack, front and centre is the main stream media with Rupert Murdoch as its supreme commander.

The Left Flank.

The left has been led by a once remarkable politician who had the world at his feet but trod on his own ego and that of others. He has a most formidable mind but lacked leadership and humility. History is just an ongoing commentary on the incompetence of narcissistic men who thought they knew it all and failed in the most rudimentary of leadership qualities. That of delegation and the discernment to take advice. Like so many men he believed that he had some sort of ownership on righteousness but instead found out that no man is an island.

In all probability it was Kevin Rudd, with his constant leaking who cost Labor an outright win in the 2010 election. There may certainly have been a case for him to be angry at his dismissal but men with grace get over it. He never did, and has only shown disdain for the party for the past three years. His colleagues and ALP members have every right to be angry with him. Other ministers who supported him also held grudges and were continually white anting the Prime Minister and feeding the press. And it has to be stated that his popularity in the polls is generated from LNP voters, not from ALP supporters. And Crean may have sacrificed himself for what he saw as the good of the party in bringing the leadership to head, but caused a lot of collateral damage in doing so. This attack from the left has made many advances over three years and has been forced to pull back every time by a strong and resilient women.

The Right Flank

The right has been led by a man who has adopted an American style shock and awe approach to opposition tactics. Main stream media has hailed him a the most effective opposition leader in Australian political history. This is solely based on his parties standing in the polls and says nothing about the manner in which he lies and distorts to bring about this standing. Perhaps they should rethink the criteria they use.

On a daily basis and in the parliament he has sought to abuse, disrupt proceedings and tell untruths about Gillard that normal men would not. His gutter style negativity has set a new benchmark for the behaviour of future opposition leaders. Luckily though he may be the only one of his characterless ilk and future opposition leaders may be more affable. Since the election date was announced he has tried to portray himself as a different person. We should not be fooled by this attempt at a chameleon disguise. He is simply a thug and a politician who emanates from the gutter to spread his negativity everywhere.

David Marr uses these words to sum up the character of this would be Prime Minister.

“An aggressive populist with a sharp tongue; a political animal with lots of charm; a born protegé with ambitions to lead; a big brain but no intellectual; a bluff guy who proved a more than competent minister; a politician with little idea of what he might do if he ever got to the top; and a man profoundly wary of change.

“He’s a worker. No doubt about that. But the point of it all is power. Without power it’s been a waste of time.”

On the other hand John Hewson described him as lazy and indolent.

Centre and Leading the attack.

Instead of acknowledging her win last Thursday and withdrawing, the main stream media has indicated it’s readiness to re-engage and charge once again into the action, indeed a blitzkrieg, to get rid of her once and for all. The hatred of her by the Murdoch press is well documented and a refreshed battalion of Fairfax journalists have joined the ranks aided and abetted by the ABC. Take this from ABC news 24 on weekend breakfast after a leadership challenge that never eventuated.

Do you think Labor’s leadership turmoil is really over? Do you think Julia Gillard will lead Labor to the next election and will Kevin Rudd remain a loyal back bencher? And to top that piece of journalist drivel, Channel 10 on Sunday night follows up with a piece about Christopher Pyne receiving text messages from Labor ministers to the effect that another challenge would take place in 72 days or so. On the weekend and into Monday there were a litany of media comments similar to these.

This simply indicates that the media has lost its way and news reporting in general has become so biased that the disparaging of the Prime minister leaves little doubt about its intentions. It is said that the first casualty of war is the truth and in this encounter it has indeed suffered badly.MSM has forsaken truth, justice and respectability in its pursuit of Ms Gillard who in reality has not been a Curtin, Hawke or Keating. But if she should lose the upcoming election she will leave a policy legacy that most never achieve. She is not so poorer a performer and leader that she deserves the daily excoriation to which she is subjected by many in the mainstream or traditional media, by which I mean newspapers and electronic broadcasters both public and commercial.

This onslaught, this war, this media campaign is born of two things. Firstly a fundamental dislike of women and secondly a squalid conservatism eager to protect privilege. Both are despicable.

Main stream media is dominated by males who could never accept a female prime minister. One only has to look at the troops. Bolte, Jones, Ackerman, Hartcher, Henderson and others who know not the proper rules of engagement but instead rely on deception and untruth and in News Corps case follow the bosses orders.

Bruce Guthrie (former editor of the Herald Sun) tells it this way.

“He had asked how the Herald Sun’s main competitor, the venerable Melbourne broadsheet the Age, was faring. Told that some doubted it would be around in another five years, Murdoch gritted his teeth and said: “That has to be our goal.” It was another reminder that while Murdoch and News will tolerate competition, they much prefer market dominance. Monopolies? Even better.”

So biased is the commentary and news reporting by some media outlets and the Canberra press gallery that there is little or no scrutiny on the man who will be the beneficiary of the constant disparaging of Ms Gillard, Liberal leader Tony Abbott.

It’s male led bias has reached such levels of vociferous indecency that it does nothing more than feed the troops with rations of the most audacious repugnant bile. Is it any wonder that the troops don’t see that never before has there been a nation so completely oblivious to not just its sown successes’ but the sheer enormity of them than Australia today.”

To the generals and their minions leading this attack on the integrity of Australia’s Prime minister I would say this.

“At some time in the human narrative… our history, man declared himself superior to women. It must have been an accident, or at least an act of gross stupidity. But that’s men for you”

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  1. thank you for putting into words far more eloquently than myself exactly how i feel. I’m sending this onto some male and female critics albeit friends of mine .

  2. Well said Johnlord2013! The MSM crazies are becoming full blown idiots. Was impressed with the new Minister of Resources on Lateline last night! The callibre of the front bench is impressive!

  3. Well said – MSM sucks – I would no longer believe a word they said/wrote. I also cannot believe the absolutely hateful and vitriolic emails that I am continually being sent, even by women, all aimed at our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. MSM and the NLP have done a fantastic job at blackening her character and hoodwinking the public into thinking the Labor government has failed in all that it attempts. I used to respect Mr Rudd – I no longer do – he deserves a kick up the bum. Sadly I think Abbott will win, we will all suffer the consequences, and it will be left to honest historians to write about what Labor did for us during the global recession (which is not over yet) and the disgraceful manner in which underhanded tactics and negative propaganda was used by the opposition in cahoots with a criminal (Murdoch) to bring down our first female PM. Australians just don’t seem to realize how lucky we are and what a god awful mess half the rest of the world is in. We are a nation of whingers and we deserve what we get when Abbott gets in (God help us). And while I’m on the subject – anyone who wastes a vote by voting informally, has no right to whinge at all. We should all be responsible and vote for someone – and if you don’t like them, Labor and Liberal are not the only ones to vote for. People fought for the right to vote, especially for women to have the right to do so, and that right and responsibility should not be so easily cast aside. Oh dear, better get off my soap box. Cheers.

  4. My admiration of our Lady PM grows daily. The good that she and the ALP have done for this country over the last 3 years is being obliterated by the chauvinists war on JG. Never in my 35 years as a voting adult have I seen such nasty character assassinating language used against any politician especially the Prime Minister. The respect due to her because of her office is denied by the petty insecure sulky boys that should know better. I see so many virtually cutting off their noses to spite their faces when they say they will not vote Labor because they don’t want a Woman as PM, never mind the fact that she is doing a Heroic job of Governing the country well, in a time of financial chaos in the rest of the world; they seem to have lost sight that it is the Party and their policy that is being voted for not who is the party leader, anyone who is foolish enough to vote for The LNP simply because they are too chauvinistic to accept a woman as Prime Minister is too immature to vote in the first place. No one in their right mind would want Tony Abbott as PM. He aims to roll back and eventually remove all the good that labor has done, this man has NO vision for this country’s future, he has no insight into the general population and the problems faced by the majority. He does not see our country as it is but rather as he thinks it should be and will single mindedly take away all the benefits, ruin all the new infrastructure plans and do what ever he can to destroy all the advances the ALP has made in the last 3 years. Tony’s vision is for us to be a 1950’s America with all the constraints, oppressions and domination placed on women of that era, Tony Abbott is not just uncomfortable with but afraid of strong , intelligent Independent women and is completely uncaring about the needs of women in the community and their needs in general.

  5. Robert R. – Gary Gray has an interesting tussle in front of him with the WA premier. Shell apparently wants to process (Browse Basin) gas off-shore but Barnett wants a gas hub at James Price Point. As a former Woodside exec, Gray recently stated an offshore floating hub could be the best option (cheaper; less local opposition – maybe). Barnett and WA can only get royalties by processing ashore and his billion dollar carrot to the local people could disappear if Shell gets its way.

  6. Well written, thought provoking and interesting piece.

    Personally, I’m not convinced the media campaign necessarily reflects “a fundamental dislike of women” or that it is “dominated by males who could never accept a female prime minister”. Dominated by males maybe, but let us not forget the role of the endlessly negative Michelle Grattan who is not alone among female journos.

    Rather, (IMHO) it is reflective of a media machine that no longer speaks truth to power, but rather speaks FOR power. In doing so it promotes a “conservatism eager to protect privilege”. Those that practice journalism today are simply the paid mouthpieces of the Murdoch’s and the Rinehart’s – nothing more.

  7. Well said.

  8. Here’s an example of one of the more delusional members of the mainstream media, Chris Kenny, who claims that “many voters can’t understand why Julia Gillard and her government are treated with kid gloves”

  9. It really is ironic that the Gillard haters accuse her of clinging on to power for the sake of power, yet the person they aim to get as PM is actually the one for whom this is the sole MO.

  10. Isn’t that just pathetic journalism. The very reason why there sales are in such decline and exactly what I was talking about.

  11. An excellent article, thank you.

  12. Brilliant article, totally agree on all points. If Tony Abbott gains the keys to the lodge we will all be the poorer for it, and I don’t just mean that metaphorically I mean it literally as well. As the year ramps up the libs slowly expose their true goals, slashing of social services, slashing of welfare, slashing of corporate tax and the removal of every reform labor has put in place. The slashing of a compensated indirect price on carbon for a direct hit on the taxpayer to reward polluters, ruining the NBN, the further wholesale raping of the country by mining. How does this sell to the public? how badly brainwashed or rascist or sexist do you have to be to buy this unadulterated middle finger to the working class and vote for a man that will not only send us into a financial tailspin with his Howard like fist full of cheap promises that have no funding reality but generally embaress us on the world stage with his inability to do more than read from a script? His constant lack of research, verbal stumbling and deliberate offensiveness are poor qualities for the highest office in the land. I equate it to the Nazi party pre world war 2 for it’s propaganda levels with Abbott obviously as hitler and Murdoch as Goebbels.

  13. John, another great article again.
    What we need is an underground movement, (rear guard if you like).
    There are many, many of us out here who just want to help but are not IT savvy enough to do what you do.
    AIMN have my email address, I give Michael my permission to use it to make contact with me. I responded to Turn Left 2013 earlier today with a real rant because I, like a lot of other people feel terribly frustrated and we want to help, no matter how small an effort it may appear. I do have a few ideas, but because LNP trolls lurk in a lot of sites, would rather keep them under wraps at this point in time.
    Michael, if you are moderating this comment, you don’t have to post it, would prefer you not to actually. I would however, really appreciate contact on my email address.
    The posting address isn’t my email address (this twitter address is the one that allows me to successfully post a comment.
    If you have any problems let me know please.

  14. Interesting piece John. Congratulations. Nevertheless, I must disagree with the notion that Rudd is attacking ‘from the left’. He has litlle or no sympathy with any ‘leftist’ concepts (which of course are difficult to define in terms of necessary and sufficient conditions) but it’s clear to me that Rudd remains committed to the status quo. He’s an egomanic.

  15. Col I know what you mean. I was just using it as a metaphor with the symbolism of the pincer movement.

  16. I woke up today to James Carleton reading the news on RN .It was a bit like listening to a dramatic performance, his inflections when it got to newspoll definitely let me know it was the death knell for the PM. After that Fran Kelly and the other ‘experts’ let me know about the ALP -smashed and discredited-torn asunder- political bloodbath- yada yada yada. , On ABC News 24 -fabulous news (you’d think) Australia actually recorded a drop in emissions for the first time, Joe O’Brien reported it by saying that Australia had bettered it’s ranking in the worlds worst emitters -BUT NOT BY MUCH. Now we have the editor of the Women’s Weekly on The Drum -apparently it was the PM’s fault that the apology was ruined last week., Funny I thought when the chit hit the fan the PM she was giving a moving speech …. 😦 Thank you so much John for the pieces you and others submit to the AIMN, It’s only when I go online that I feel validated. Whether it’s here or TAWNBPM or FB pages for 7.30 report and QandA .So many people thinking like me -so many who see flaws in what the MSM are trying to sell us -so many who see the LOTO for what he is .

  17. Excellent article, John. Thank you.

  18. Great article John, yet again you put all so succinctly and articulated so so well. Great read, thanks

  19. Great article, thanks.

  20. Good Article. I agree with most of it. I do disagree that the majority of Rudd supporters are LNP voters anyway. Thats certainly not true – he appeals across the spectrum. I might add that even if it was true thats a positive, not a negative. In a normal electoral cycle we have around 35% of people rusted on to each party, and a good leader has to appeal to the other side to get those swinging voters to come over. Sadly Julia has failed at this test, so her main strength is in fact the despicable Abbott and his public persona. As for the anti female bias of the media – I really don’t think its that.. its certainly there, but its more about power and political leanings. Think back – they didn’t really get stuck into Julia until the Carbon tax, and that was because it interfered with profits and world views. Anyway .. good article.

  21. Thanks for your comments Wayne. When pollsters ask people who they prefer as PM and 57% say Rudd. When that 57% is analysed it usually contains a majority of LNP supporters. Conversely the same applies for Turnbull.

  22. What crap, she’s a liar and a crook…. As for being female… Dose’t really matter… A bad job is a bad job… Cut the crap.. ELECTION NOW….!!!

  23. Can you elaborate on your views please Bill.

  24. Obviously, John, Bill doesn’t see Tony Abbott as a liar and a crook.

  25. There in LIES the problem.

  26. Regarding Rudd’s popularity, it must have taken a plunge since the non-coup, as Rudd and his followers were exposed as white-anting the party. Yet try as I might, I could not find any mention of Rudd’s status as preferred PM in any TV coverage of the latest Newspoll. I have tried online to find any mention of it, but have failed there as well. Yet there must have been covered, as Newspoll has covered it in all previous polls, and the media has used those reports of Rudd’s popularity as proof of the need to depose Gillard (or ELECTION NOW…!!!).

    I have to conclude that the media’s narrative has not been met in this regard, and that Rudd’s popularity has plummeted. What this means for the furure is that the media is going to have to find some other way to destabilize the government.

  27. John, I don’t think Bill has anything unique to offer except perhaps “Dose’t”. LOL. Clearly an inarticulate dumbo, writ large. I suspect he’s a voter who votes against his ‘class’ interests without any understanding of same. But that would be far too deep for Bill.

  28. It’s rather like the old, “I am determined, you are stubborn, he is pig-headed.”
    When Gillard goes on the attack, it’s because she’s “hysterical” or ” losing control”, rather than showing strength or leadership. The most hysteria I’ve observed came from Pyne and Joyce!

  29. Rossleigh, similarly, when the left agree with other it is labelled groupthink, yet when the right agree with each other they proudly boast consensus. It’s odd.

  30. I watched Barney Joyce and Brian Burke on Lateline on the night after the non-coup. Burke was all happy and smiling and yet Barney looked depressed and irritated. You’d think the way the media has been trying to spin it that Barney would be gloating over Labor’s supposed problems.

  31. Newspoll: According to Newspoll, Rudd as ALP leader would give the party a boost:

    It is this basic fact that saw (even Gillard’s forces admitting) Rudd’s support at around 45 MPs within Caucus. The media are reporting the divisions that are barely beneath the surface within the Party.

    Barney always looks depressed and irritated. Coalition MPs have no doubt been given orders not to look “cocky” at the current polls showing the ALP losing 30 seats.

    You don’t think it was a tad weird that Burke was all happy and smiling after the carnage of the last few days. Perhaps serious and focused would be a better look.

  32. Fascinating. A website called “The Australian Independent Media Network” that purports to be independent and simply “reports” in the same way as all the other mainstream media but with an opposite bias.

    I won’t be returning.

  33. Judging by your deep and meaningful contribution MAJM, your absence won’t be any loss 🙄

  34. So I see you don’t disagree.

    People who say one thing and do another (like most politicians) really don’t rock my world. If you want to live in a cyberplace where you delude yourself in thinking that you’re a truthful alternative that’s your choice. But the site’s inability to be what it says it is means it will have zero relevance or integrity, just like the mainstream media. However, they have the resources to be heard. Your attempts will do nothing to change the public’s (i.e. an impartial reader such as myself) perception.

    Pity since so many are looking for real reporting and information.

  35. MAJM is right. a back slapping labor luv-in is hardly what is required by an outfit that calls itself an independent media network.

  36. I won’t be returning.

    And yet you did.

  37. Strange that.

  38. John
    Could you please please put this excellent article into simple English/Australian that the great unwashed could understand and wake them up before they all fall over into the abyss that a Coalition government, correction Murdoch government will lead them.

  39. John
    one small point your drawing of the pincer movement left out the full frontal attack of the murdochrocy, reminded me of the movie Zulu where it was being drawn in the sand.

  40. Julia is not popular, either with the majority of voters or with her colleagues. She has split the Labor Party up the middle and undermined its chances of re-election through political ineptitude. Her government’s agenda may have been well prosecuted but as a leader, someone who is able to garner support for the common cause, to enlist the backing of her troops, she has failed miserably. Misogyny and patriarchy exist as systemic and entrenched realities. But we never heard how Julia overcame misogyny to be the axe for disgruntled factional warlords in the ALP. Did she act alone in unseating a first term PM? Or was she just the hammer. We only heard about misogyny when the polls began to slip. This ain’t no Labor stalwart. This is a cunning yet accident prone union apparatchik whose vision for the ALP and the working class is one undercut with a xenophobia that would do Billy Hughes proud, let alone John Howard. Here’s a considered view of a female Labor stalwart. Is anyone here gonna be the first to call Eva Cox a misogynist? I thought not.

  41. MAJM sounds awfully like Tom of Melbourne.

  42. I believe Miglo has attempted to gain opinion from writers of a rightish persuasion without success. Perhaps you would like to volunteer MAJM.

  43. Reblogged this on The Kettle Press and commented:
    John Lord summarizes well the political scenario when a Country as blokey as Australia is, dares put a woman in charge, as Prime Minister.

  44. My last comment seems to have disappeared so I hope it doesn’t double up. If it does I apologise in advance.

    Firstly, I’m not sure who Tom of Melbourne is but I ain’t him. Paranoia is an unfortunate state of mind.

    Secondly, I am merely replying to correspondence as most polite individuals would do, rather than trying the ‘holier than thou’ approach favored by silkworm and johnlord.

    Thirdly, I’m not sure how one construes that I am somehow of a “rightish persuasion” simply because I take umbrage at an obviously left biased article on a Blog purporting to be Independent. Sure, it’s independent of the mainstream media. So? If it does exactly what the mainstream media does but in another forum what would possibly drive someone like me to read it?

    If Miglo wants some more right-wing commentary that’s perhaps admirable but it wouldn’t make me want to read the Blog. Far better he gets rid of ANY writer who leans one way or the other and replaces them with objective, balanced and non-agenda driven contributors. But judging from the postings I’ve seen here I can’t see that happening any time soon.

    P.S. As a writer I would be happy to contribute editorial content to a site that is truly balanced. At this point in time, this is NOT the site sorry to say. If Miglo wants some input from me I might consider it once the blatant agendas are removed. He has my e-mail.

  45. MAJM – John was pulling your leg – your response shows you have an overinflated ego and a contrasting sized sense of humour.

    It would be nigh on impossible to find someone who doesn’t lean “one way or the other” that is akin to being neither one sex nor the other. The writers on this blog are not far left in an analogous way to Andrew Bolt being far right.

    If you find the blog content and commentators irritating there is no compunction for you to keep reading and responding. Unlike the mainstream print media this blog does not have a monopoly on the interwub.

    Bye bye 🙂

  46. Thank you, John Lord, good article,

  47. It really is amazing those who consider themselves intelligent and “writers” even, who have no concept of what “independent” means. Put quite simply it’s “Not dependent on or affiliated with a larger or controlling entity:

    It certainly does not mean “unbiased.”

    Biased writers from “the left” or “the right” (as well as any who consider themselves unbiased) have been invited to submit articles for publication. That “the right” chooses not to offer their thoughts for scrutiny in this forum says more about them than the forum…

  48. If you mean a writer to be someone who gets paid to write Bacchus then that would be me. If you mean “writers” who post up any old thing on a Blog such as yourself then they are someone else.

    And Alison, I’m sure that there are quite a lot of level headed thinking individuals who can write from an unbiased point-of-view but clearly you don’t think so. For the record, one of the genres of writing I undertake is humor. Just because I choose not to use it in a post doesn’t make me humorless. It’s just another example pointing up the presumptiousness of some of the members here.

    As I said, independence means nothing unless you are able to garner an audience for your work on that basis. Merely writing stuff that can be found in any other skewed journal simply associates your thoughts and approaches with those types of journals and leads to the charge of bias and not independence. I can read much the same stuff in any Trade Union rag and if I wanted that I would go there just as I would to Bolt, et al if I want right-wing drivel. It also explains why no rightist writers are interested in contributing. Your content has already painted the Blog into a corner and I’m not so sure that was Miglo’s intent though I wouldn’t really know.

    As I said in my original post, I came looking for a voice of reason based on the Blog title and a personal recommendation. If Miglo wants to continue in this vein it’s his Blog and his issue. I’m merely giving feedback. Don’t shoot the messenger.

  49. MAJM, we will write what we want. You don’t have to like it. You don’t have to read it. You are not forced to do either.

  50. Of course you will Miglo…as I said, it’s your gig. It’s just feedback.

  51. we will write what we want

    That sounds like an “independent” perspective to me – biased, but independent 😉

    MAJM, I don’t consider myself a writer – light years from it, but you’ve given me no indication that you are either.

    Now John Lord, Victoria and Kay Rollison, Barry Tucker, Rossleigh, Michael Taylor et al are writers…

  52. The term “independent”can also be taken to mean independent from the mainstream of media in general where the right of course are free to project their bias. After all they own the majority of the outlets. I for one welcome the opportunity to express an alternate view INDEPENDENT of the mainstream.

  53. MAJM – you ‘read’ as a humourless scribe – just saying…

  54. To me, the Left is far more objective and balanced than the Right.

  55. The other thing to be remembered, is that unlike MSM pieces, people are free to make a comment. No paywalling here and that, I believe is of great benefit.

    Try posting a comment on a MSM site. If you don’t like what they have said (if you want to subscribe to be able to comment that is), they generally just block it. I do not classify that as FREE SPEECH, which is what all the MSM have been banging on about losing. Just wrong!

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