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  • Metadata, Class Sizes and the Need For Some Slow Thinking!

    Originally posted on Rossleigh's Education Blog :
    “Worse, in the twenty-first century the massive technological changes that have vastly changed our society have had little effect on our schools; in too many places, the technology is merely being used as…

  • Choice Architecture or Nudging Your Students Toward Succes

    Originally posted on Rossleigh's Education Blog :
    Choice Architecture  or  Nudging Your Students Toward Success “You want to nudge people into socially desirable behaviour, do not, by any means, let them know that their current actions are better than the…

  • Behavioural Economics, Human Nature, Teenage Nature

    Originally posted on Rossleigh's Education Blog :
    “This theory-induced blindness now strikes nearly everyone who receives a PhD in economics. The economics training the students receive provides enormous insights into the behaviour of Econs, but at the expense of losing…

  • Laptops and Exponential Change and “let’s just get back to basics”. Or “I can drive perfectly well by looking in the rear-view mirror!”

    Originally posted on Rossleigh's Education Blog :
    The manager and leader differ in the way they use technology. The manager is primarily concerned with using technology to improve the current outcomes. The leader, on the other hand, is interested in…

  • More “freedom”, or anarchy?

    Originally posted on The Sniper:
    The Liberal Party of Australia believes in more freedom. Sounds good. Beats slavery — for the slaves. But what does it mean? What does it lead to? These questions are not answered by the Liberals.…

  • One unanswered question

    Originally posted on The Sniper:
    There is a question Tony Abbott has never answered. Perhaps he has never been asked. I cannot find any record of an answer. It goes back to the aftermath of the 2010 election. You might…